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“Some people start families. We buy chairs.”-Sensitive Ben

3 Nov

Oh hi guys, hi. I don’t really do much sharing of stuff I purchase because most of my furniture buying is almost done. Well…sorta.
So um let me familiarize ya’ll with what I’m on the prowl for:
A couch that isn’t vinyl and dark, a hanging lamp that will light up my whole world, a throw, pillows, a rug, occasional chair for any occasion, a sconce, and prints.
Tis a small list. I’ve decided to share my last few purchases before I do my home tour with Toni, for my own knowledge and maybe some accountability. Furniture is like a soft addiction and I find myself needing someone to say ‘just stop it already’. BAH.
Anyhoot today I scored an item from the list of treasures.
Drum roll:
There have been many a chair prior to this fiberglass booty. None made me happier than this dude.
I feel like I might have creeped out the seller of this chair….
Me: Oh hello.
Seller: Hi.
Me: Hi. Yes. Um. I am calling about your chair on the craigslist. I’d like to know if it is still available.
Everytime I ask someone that the ads I see everyday bounce around my head and hit me in the forehead “IF AD IS UP THE ITEM IS AVAILABLE WILL NOT RESPOND TO THAT QUESTION.” They might as well add idiot to the end of that sentence. I guess that would be bad for business.Poot.

Seller: Yes. Yes it is.
Me:I want to buy that. Where do you live.
Seller: Uh. Well it’s kinda out in the middle of nowhere…you might get lost. How bout we meet in a public place.
Me: :S OK great!
My apologies go out to the seller if he reads this. I was really excited!
Anyways I’am happy with my purchase. It’s exactly what I feel I needed for teh guests, and maximum lounge reading.
This winter will be awesome.

Step by step — slowly I turnnnn..

3 Nov

$85.00 Buffet in Reno!

$50.00 in Redding. Lil’ Hi Fi thang.

$200.00 in Chico for the desk. Not that it’s easy to see in any of the pictures – that awesome chair is distracting.

$30.00 in Chico for this orange goodness.

$1250.00 for the whole set in Diamond Springs. Dunno where that is, but it sounds wet.

Windy Thursday

3 Nov

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
$30.00 Egah. Chair, put some pants on!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Seller was sorry that her photo was all sideways. No worries craigslist friend, Mimomito hath saved the day.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
$100.00 I’am pretty sure this is a newer piece (newer meaning not from the 60’s) but hey, that floating top still looks pretty good!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
$80.00 This thing is cuuuuuuute!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
$80.00 This thangs shape is pretty neat. Maybe turn it into a bar? I dunno.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
$40.00 Orange. Woah.

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