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SF and Sacramento Craigslist digs

14 Nov

Pullin’ from all over. Get ready dudes, this is gunna be a long one.

Pair of turquoise chairs in Gilroy for $150.00. Studdly studded studs, here.

$75.00 in San Jose. Needs so much lovin’, but if you got it in you, you should get this ridiculous project.

$125.00 desk chair in San Jose.

$75.00 eyeball lamp with just a touch o’ rust (nothing some steel wool can’t fix) all yours, in SF.

$195.00 lucite table in San Ho Ho Ho.

FREAMES! Free eames lounger in SF. It looks – from what I can tell, like the original. The base has the wood and black components. Whaaat?

$50.00 serving cart in Chico. Turqoisey keen!

$200.00 desk in Stockton. Lil’ legs supporting that big ol’ computer.

WICKER. Alright, some of you may know my feelings on wicker. But then perhaps you also know my feeling about CIRCULAR SEATING. I love it. So, I forgive these silly little blips of wicker for being what they are, and appreciate them for what they mostly are. CIRCLES. $100.00 in Orangevale.

$250.00 bookshelf with little tapered cutesy leggies in Natomas.

$150.00 Plycraft lounge chair in Rosemont. WHY IS THIS STILL UP? This is an amazing looking chair for a ridiculously cheap amount of money. C’mon, guys.

$15.00 big giant desk. Ugly, but $15. 15 DOLLARS. C’monnnnn.

$115.00 for 4 barshtools in Vacaville!

$85.00 doo-doo-brown dining set in Granite Bay. Doo doo brown, but CHEAP AS BALLS! Balls of cheapiosity!

$325.00 credenza of amazement. Put yo’ flat screen tv up on that THAT.

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