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And more more more..

15 Nov

GLUUURG! Ohh boy. Sorry, $3,200 for this 1967 Shasta trailer but it is just so amazing I just had to post it.

$400.00 Sylvania record console. Shapoow! Check it out in Fair Oaks.

Kent Coffey bedroom set in Lodi for $1,000 for all the pieces!

$375.00 for this somewhat late 70’s, early 80’s teak set? In a antiques marketplace in Rancho.

Heywood Wakefield six drawer dresser. $650.00 in a place called Paradise. How ’bout that.

$500.00 for this kid’s set of pinky vintage kitchen appliances in Galt. Pricey, but cute for your five year old that has her own studio in-law unit in the backyard separate from the house. ..because she has THAT MUCH SPACE FOR ALL THIS STUFF!?

Oh boy oh boy. I secretly really want these for myself, but I don’t have much of a luxurious view to stare out upon while sitting and sipping tea. There’s the tiny asian man who sweeps the gutters with a palm frond, and the neighbors bikes that I swear are going to get stolen some day.. but. I think perhaps you have a better place for them. $50.00 gets you four chairs and TWO tables. What??

$250.00 for this tasty orange ottoman set in South Land Park. Or as I call it, slark.

$25.00 Olympia typewriter with red and black ink ribbons in Ranchooo Cordova.

Amazing green punch bowl set of what I’m going to adoringly call.. swampy green. $40.00 in Roseville.

Annnnd now.. the most expensive dresser I’ve seen on Craigslist! $1,250 in San Bruno! How ’bout that, then!

$250.00 for the pair in SF for these swivelly black Herman Miller chairs.

Replica Eames shell rocker for $110.00 in the East Bay.

Two teak nighstands (too bad not the platform bed..) for $30.00 each in Sunnyvale.

$150.00 teak desk in Noe Valley, SF! BLLLARF! Gimme dat.

Modern retro-styyyled dining set of four in Sparks, Nevada. $125.00. Eat on that, sucka.

$150.00 in Reno. Ooh!

Holy moly. April posted this on our Facebook wall – a vintage sauna for $100.00 in Ceres. I’d totally have this in my living room. Ahhh..

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