Sanna Annukka: hella back.

16 Nov

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Yeah that’s right. These jawns are hella back. They’ve been out the game for some time now, and to much to my surprise (and delight!) they were in stock today! Marvelous. Now the only feat to overcome is that whopping price.

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$140.00 Tea lights are a very confusing thing to me. They are so small and weird. Too small. Mah. If I had one of these fancy candle holders though I’d use them. I’d buy a big pack from Ikea and go through that pack in three days. (It’d be very likely that I’d be doing it wrong… burning them at all hours.) Another thing I don’t get and am probably doing wrong is converting ₤ to U.S. dollars. Dont take my word as golden for any of these prices. They are all probably terribly incorrect!
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Here is another bootiful thing by Sanna A.! I love the patterns, I love the colors, I love the way white space is being used, I love that this reminds me of something old yet it is still very modern. I just love it!
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Aren’t the pops of color done so well? Don’t they make you wanna live in there? I’d take residence in that cottage on that lonely island. One day a killer whale would get lost from his pack and he’d end up in that lake by my cottage. My husband, Sensitive Ben, would set up an orca show by our house because it would be something “our neighbors had never seen before!” But I’d protest, “We live on an ISLAND MON!” Then we’d go through the ordeal of setting up a ferry and making sure Willnonia (killer whale name, I’ve just decided..) was safely set aside so he didn’t get hit by no big ass boat. Me and that orca would become best friends forever, and we’d be able to telepathically communicate with one another. Then I’d realize deep down inside what I’d always known. This orca needs to be home with his family. He’s probably missed all his favorite television shows.
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I’d have to stand up to my now Mr. Burns-like husband, and be like “Hey man, hey. We gotta help Willnonia get to his pack.” He’d be all “Money, buy buy, sell sell” – hesitant to do the right thing because he’d have to give up collecting all those vintage Eames rocking chairs. “I still need to get the Salmon color one” he’d say. But because deep down he is a warm wonderful human being he’d help me set Willnonia free by stealing the ferry. Then we’d run into that other cottage. It’s pretty freaking huge, cliff like almost, and the people that live there are not as cool as me and Ben. We’d get all flustered wondering what the hell is next. Also there is lot’s of police, national guard, the army, gosh damned Bill Clinton, the works. They are all wearing riot gear and pointing semi-automatics at us. It’s intense.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic Willnonia, is getting freaked out to the max. Me and Ben, realize we gotta coax him to jump over this massive cliff like cottage to get to freedom. Boring Ann and Bob (they live in the cliff-sized cottage) are inside sleeping cuz – duh – they are boring and wouldn’t know excitement if it hit them in the head with a lost killer whale trying to jump over their absurdly massive cottage. We climb to the top of the cottage, taking short breaks because I have asthma, Ben has anxiety, and the squad of haters are gaining on us. At the top we’d throw our hand in the air and fist pump like Arsenio Hall use to do on his show. Willnonia, would get the courage he needed to jump over this huge freaking cottage (huge!) and it’d be the first and only time me or Ben would be underneath a killer whale. We’d tell our grand kids about it later.
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Then the police and army of haters would be so touched by that magnificent sight they’d drop all the charges they had on us for stealing that ferry. They’d give us the freaking key to the city! I’d get to go into the frozen yogurt joint whenever the hell I wanted and eat the flavor they named after me for free. Ben would start collecting mini designer chairs and we’d all live happily ever after. The end.


One Response to “Sanna Annukka: hella back.”

  1. Serene November 16, 2011 at 7:15 pm #

    I like that in your strange cottage fantasy, Ben is a mean old miser. And that the whale has a girl’s sounding name.

    Also, you’re nuts. <3

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