Turkey Day Decor: Serene’s Picks

16 Nov

We’ll again this year be doing a Holiday Gift Guide like last year, but I wanted to get in a separate post about dishes and serving platters that are on my mind this month for Spanks-giving. You know, the day you and yours gather round a table and dole out mashed potatoes and slaps on the tuchus. ..That’s a thing, yeah? Anyhow, let’s get to it. My Turkey Day wishlist.

$120.00 Dutch Oven on Etsy
Ahhh, Descoware. Vintage enamel cast iron cookware from the 1960’s. They come in a cornucopia of colors, but by far the most festive and eye pleasing, is the starburst orange varieties.

$21.00 Casserole Dish on Etsy
Casserole dishes, casserole dishes for ALL DISHES! Mashed tots, other forms of tots, marshmallow glazed tots, walnut sprinkled tots, and maybe even a fine collapsed souffle.

Gravy boats. Let’s take the time now to look at wonderful gravy boats.

$14.00 on Etsy.

$20.00 Gravy boat, sadly without the plate.

$10.00 lucite cheese board. Probably not great for slicing apart your hard cheeses, but will surely display them nicely. And perhaps it’ll make it a lot easier for blind-as-a-bat Aunt Canker to tell the cheese bits from the butter slices. Not that she doesn’t liberally spread both on domino tile-sized pieces of bread.

$34.00 salad serving set on Etsy

Good lookin’ spice rack for $62.00 on Etsy

$88.00 dish set with service for six!

Set of six dessert dishes for $42.00. C’mon, let’s try to not serve ourselves ice cream and pie in a soup dish this year, alright guys?

My phobia of greasy and pasta sauce-stained tupperware has led me be a lover of Pyrex dishes for my leftovers. They clean up fantastically, and I really hate trying to re-cover a plate with bunched up, dewey saran wrap when alls I wanted was to grab a nibble out of the fridge..

Six teak napkin rings for $15.00 on Etsy.

Vera Neumann set of ..seven.. napkins for $27.75. Strange count and strange pricing aside, I love this Vera design!

Amazing mod fish table cloth for $124.00! Blargh!


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