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Mail makes me want to wag my tail!

19 Nov

I absolutely love getting mail. This is the dance I do whenever I receive something from my friends and I’m not even kidding.

That’s why I am very serious about making sure my X-Mas cards are out on December 1st. I’ve already picked out my cards, purchased my holiday stamps and  taken my holiday photos … aaaaaand since I have some time to spare, I thought I’d help you out with yours.

Here are some super cute MCM inspired card designs:

Charley  Harper’s Twowls Christmas Card – $12 for a dozen

Charley Harper Assortment – $15 for 20 cards

Letterpress Holiday Dogs – $15 for 6

10 cards for $7.95

5 cards $10

And I haven’t forgotten about our dear Jewish readers. Unfortunately there aren’t as many options, but these two are pretty cute:

10 cards – $20

10 cards – $14.50


19 Nov

Serene, here! And in the subtle words of Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider, “I WANNA ROCK”. And in the case of the Mimomito writers, it’s true. Last week Rose showed y’all her brand new beautiful addition to her family – er – home, an original Eames shell rocker with Modernica base. So with the recent acquisition of a knock-off Tapiovaara rocker, here are my boyfriend and my wave-makers.

The Tapiovaara knocker (see what I did there) needs to be glued, painted, sanded, oiled and a bunch o’ other things before extensive hours of sitting could commence. The Eames-wannabe in blue is a kids version that fits both Alan and my stature, but we’re still keeping our eyes open for an original fiberglass model. (They really are sturdier and more comfortable – I know, I took a good long sit in Rose’s.)

So readers, do any of you have a sweet love of Midcentury rocking chairs thumping in your heart and home? Let us know, and send us photos!

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