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Turkey Day Decor: Serene’s Picks

16 Nov

We’ll again this year be doing a Holiday Gift Guide like last year, but I wanted to get in a separate post about dishes and serving platters that are on my mind this month for Spanks-giving. You know, the day you and yours gather round a table and dole out mashed potatoes and slaps on the tuchus. ..That’s a thing, yeah? Anyhow, let’s get to it. My Turkey Day wishlist.

$120.00 Dutch Oven on Etsy
Ahhh, Descoware. Vintage enamel cast iron cookware from the 1960’s. They come in a cornucopia of colors, but by far the most festive and eye pleasing, is the starburst orange varieties.

$21.00 Casserole Dish on Etsy
Casserole dishes, casserole dishes for ALL DISHES! Mashed tots, other forms of tots, marshmallow glazed tots, walnut sprinkled tots, and maybe even a fine collapsed souffle.

Gravy boats. Let’s take the time now to look at wonderful gravy boats.

$14.00 on Etsy.

$20.00 Gravy boat, sadly without the plate.

$10.00 lucite cheese board. Probably not great for slicing apart your hard cheeses, but will surely display them nicely. And perhaps it’ll make it a lot easier for blind-as-a-bat Aunt Canker to tell the cheese bits from the butter slices. Not that she doesn’t liberally spread both on domino tile-sized pieces of bread.

$34.00 salad serving set on Etsy

Good lookin’ spice rack for $62.00 on Etsy

$88.00 dish set with service for six!

Set of six dessert dishes for $42.00. C’mon, let’s try to not serve ourselves ice cream and pie in a soup dish this year, alright guys?

My phobia of greasy and pasta sauce-stained tupperware has led me be a lover of Pyrex dishes for my leftovers. They clean up fantastically, and I really hate trying to re-cover a plate with bunched up, dewey saran wrap when alls I wanted was to grab a nibble out of the fridge..

Six teak napkin rings for $15.00 on Etsy.

Vera Neumann set of napkins for $27.75. Strange count and strange pricing aside, I love this Vera design!

Amazing mod fish table cloth for $124.00! Blargh!

Sanna Annukka: hella back.

16 Nov

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Yeah that’s right. These jawns are hella back. They’ve been out the game for some time now, and to much to my surprise (and delight!) they were in stock today! Marvelous. Now the only feat to overcome is that whopping price.
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And more more more..

15 Nov

GLUUURG! Ohh boy. Sorry, $3,200 for this 1967 Shasta trailer but it is just so amazing I just had to post it.

$400.00 Sylvania record console. Shapoow! Check it out in Fair Oaks.

Kent Coffey bedroom set in Lodi for $1,000 for all the pieces!

$375.00 for this somewhat late 70’s, early 80’s teak set? In a antiques marketplace in Rancho.

Heywood Wakefield six drawer dresser. $650.00 in a place called Paradise. How ’bout that.

$500.00 for this kid’s set of pinky vintage kitchen appliances in Galt. Pricey, but cute for your five year old that has her own studio in-law unit in the backyard separate from the house. ..because she has THAT MUCH SPACE FOR ALL THIS STUFF!?

Oh boy oh boy. I secretly really want these for myself, but I don’t have much of a luxurious view to stare out upon while sitting and sipping tea. There’s the tiny asian man who sweeps the gutters with a palm frond, and the neighbors bikes that I swear are going to get stolen some day.. but. I think perhaps you have a better place for them. $50.00 gets you four chairs and TWO tables. What??

$250.00 for this tasty orange ottoman set in South Land Park. Or as I call it, slark.

$25.00 Olympia typewriter with red and black ink ribbons in Ranchooo Cordova.

Amazing green punch bowl set of what I’m going to adoringly call.. swampy green. $40.00 in Roseville.

Annnnd now.. the most expensive dresser I’ve seen on Craigslist! $1,250 in San Bruno! How ’bout that, then!

$250.00 for the pair in SF for these swivelly black Herman Miller chairs.

Replica Eames shell rocker for $110.00 in the East Bay.

Two teak nighstands (too bad not the platform bed..) for $30.00 each in Sunnyvale.

$150.00 teak desk in Noe Valley, SF! BLLLARF! Gimme dat.

Modern retro-styyyled dining set of four in Sparks, Nevada. $125.00. Eat on that, sucka.

$150.00 in Reno. Ooh!

Holy moly. April posted this on our Facebook wall – a vintage sauna for $100.00 in Ceres. I’d totally have this in my living room. Ahhh..

SF and Sacramento Craigslist digs

14 Nov

Pullin’ from all over. Get ready dudes, this is gunna be a long one.

Pair of turquoise chairs in Gilroy for $150.00. Studdly studded studs, here.

$75.00 in San Jose. Needs so much lovin’, but if you got it in you, you should get this ridiculous project.

$125.00 desk chair in San Jose.

$75.00 eyeball lamp with just a touch o’ rust (nothing some steel wool can’t fix) all yours, in SF.

$195.00 lucite table in San Ho Ho Ho.

FREAMES! Free eames lounger in SF. It looks – from what I can tell, like the original. The base has the wood and black components. Whaaat?

$50.00 serving cart in Chico. Turqoisey keen!

$200.00 desk in Stockton. Lil’ legs supporting that big ol’ computer.

WICKER. Alright, some of you may know my feelings on wicker. But then perhaps you also know my feeling about CIRCULAR SEATING. I love it. So, I forgive these silly little blips of wicker for being what they are, and appreciate them for what they mostly are. CIRCLES. $100.00 in Orangevale.

$250.00 bookshelf with little tapered cutesy leggies in Natomas.

$150.00 Plycraft lounge chair in Rosemont. WHY IS THIS STILL UP? This is an amazing looking chair for a ridiculously cheap amount of money. C’mon, guys.

$15.00 big giant desk. Ugly, but $15. 15 DOLLARS. C’monnnnn.

$115.00 for 4 barshtools in Vacaville!

$85.00 doo-doo-brown dining set in Granite Bay. Doo doo brown, but CHEAP AS BALLS! Balls of cheapiosity!

$325.00 credenza of amazement. Put yo’ flat screen tv up on that THAT.

DO NOT WANT: It’s a dining table harboring a terrible, terrible secret

10 Nov

It’s a Poker Table w/Dining Table Top Cover! – $350 (Chico, CA)

“So, we have this great custom made poker table. It has a cover so you can hide the poker table and use it as a real table too!

Drink holders and chip holders with a nice felt table top. Seats 8!!!

And, to top it off we will toss in four awesome, comfy RETRO chairs that just need a little TLC, for FREE!!”

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Just when we’d hoped we’d seen the last of Puud’nchair Wilsons, our eagle-eyed insulter-in-chief (me) found yet ANOTHER set of 4 ‘retro’ ‘chairs’ in Chico.

These chairs are coupled with a custom poker table that screams “Man Cave” or “Man Hole” or “Taste-free.” Act now and you’ll receive a truly awful simulated wood table-top to place over the field of play. Here, monsieur can enjoy his Hungry Man XXXL Pork “Chef’s Selections” meal without fear of ruining potential straights or flushes.

Also, built-in drink holders — not just for one’s vehicle or la-z-boy recliner anymore. All for the low low LOW price of … $350.

(Also, for the purposes of this ad, “just a little TLC” in reference to the chairs means “doing something about the smell of cigarettes, sausages and shame.”)

Guest Writer Alan L. (Lover of 1960’s dollhouses)

Community: Mimomito in Midtown Monthly

9 Nov

Go pick up the current issue of Midtown Monthly ’cause we’re in it! :)

On the internets: Acapulco Chair

9 Nov

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The Acapulco chair is pretty much a mystery. Nobody knows who the designer is, there are several different stories out there on how it got to America, and there seems to be different opinions floatin’ around over who’s in charge in pushing these guys out.
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The only thing people can agree on is how magnificent it looks, that it was made sometime during the 50’s in Acapulco, and that it is made using ancient Mayan weaving techniques.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Ocho has many different color and styles to choose from. Even this nifty leather dood.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
‘Midcentury rocking’ yes indeed.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
I’m particularly fond of the multi colored ones! The colors, the mix of Mexican culture, annnnnd a flare of midcentury is a perfect combination to make me gaga. It’s like someone picked my brain and came up with the perfect chair for me. Then there is this
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
TINY TINY CHAIR ZOMG. Too much cute. Must end post now. BAH.

Craigslist: Seattle

8 Nov

So, I recently arrived home from a wonderful trip to Seattle and I’m having a hard time readjusting back into the groove of Sacramento life. Don’t get me wrong, my heart is here and I’m not leaving anytime soon, but my mind is definitely still hanging out in Seattle.

Anyway, I was helping my friend from Seattle look for dinette chairs for his super sweet formica table and I couldn’t help but notice the incredible deals they have goin’ on over there. Check it out, yo.

$100 for this formica childrens table. Cutest chairs!!!

$125 Looks that something that Ron from Scout Living would like. :)

mid century modern sofa couch –   $200 (wedgewood)

Four Mid Century Lamp Shades –   $10 (Mountlake Terrace)

Mid Century Dinette Chairs Chrome Legs, Nail Heads, Yellow   $50 (U Village / Wedgwood)

Danish Modern Chair –   $25 (Seattle)

Nelson Bubble Lamp XL NEW PRICE DROP– –   $800 (Fairhaven)

1950’s pink rare sm laundry hamper –   $65 (tacoma) – Holy crap! I need this.

Okay, this is as much as I can do. My CList skills are a little rusty. Enjoy!

Back in the day: Rose’s Family.

6 Nov

I got a ton of old photos the other day of my wonderful bootiful grandmother. She was pretty grand enough to loan them to me for the photo album I am creating. I thought I’d contribute some of them to Toni’s back in the day section.
A: Look here I’am at 15
B: 15?
A: Still wearing Levis. I still look good in them too.
My Grandma has a thing or two to say about a thing or two. I love it.
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4 Nov

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
800.00 Holy smokes!
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
40.00 I really like them legs.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
125.00 With a mirror! To ya know look at yourself.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
199.00 Now hold on now. Hold on. I know what you are thinking ‘Rose, whassa matta with you. Tryna sell us on that poopy leather couch. Just last week lover of dollhouses Alan, was saying that was a do not want.’ Yes my friends. Those were. Indeed they were. I would have thought the same thing about this couch until I saw the style Guru’s den over at Brick house
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
I feel like that couch just does wonders with them mid mod pieces. It def helps drive home the ‘This place. This place right hurr is for a damned gentleman! A classy one!’ If that’s the look you are going for…well there you go.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
75.00 I dubb this adventure chair.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
300.00 Another booth for Serene!
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
50.00 Here is one more not so mid mod at all couch that may look good with your danish teaks and midcentury delights.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
15.00 If you happen to be in Penryn or are going errrrr passing through there…pick this metal clunker beauty up! It might look good on a wooden desk hm?

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