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Merry Christmas

25 Dec

From us folks here at Mimomito! We hope your holiday is chalk full of great conversation, fun, treats, and good company!

Steinberg’s Hanukkah Home

24 Dec

Thanks to Gretchen for representin’ Hanukkah. :)

Tina and Mike’s Holiday Home

24 Dec

Tina is a very creative person who sells at Scout Living and on Etsy and we’d like to thank her so much for taking the time to write about her awesome stuff. Your place looks great, Tina!

OHAI, Mimomito!

Since I don’t really have a mid-mod house, I really have no business submitting a home tour to your blog, but I *can* send snaps your way for a holiday tour! Considering our last two Christmases saw our previous dwellings decorated with only moving boxes at this time of the year, we were pretty stoked to do it up right this year. Recently, I started collecting mid-century Christmas decorations at estate sales and thrift stores, which is a total homage to my childhood holiday memories. About 90% of what you see in the photos is thrifted/vintage.

I’m totally going to describe each of these because I feel compelled to for some odd reason, but please don’t feel the need to use any of it in the blog!

typewriters and trees – Two 1920s-ish typewriters that were my grandfather’s. Thrifted photo of someone’s road trip in the mountains, which I completely love. Handmade pottery vase with thrifted fake sprigs, surrounded by more thrifted trees and an old wagon ornament of mine. Vintage grammar sentence from Blockhouse Modern!

Ball jar candles – From an estate sale and always awesome.

Cafe curtain pillow – Estate sale cafe curtain. I almost made this into an apron until I saw it would make a cuter lumbar pillow, instead. That, and I don’t cook.

Charcoal bucket greenery – Found this killer bucket in a store for four bucks! Little dude slays me every time I look at him.

Christmas tree – We bought our tree the day after Thanksgiving. Two weeks later, it decided it was done trying to stay alive. Now, it looks like an umbrella made of toothpicks that is slowly trying to close. She’s looking sad, so you just get a close-up. We decorate with fatty-fat C7 lights, gold tinsel garland, a glittery-gold spire tree topper, and all our childhood ornaments. This guy looks almost EXACTLY like the tree I grew up with. Love that.

Department store hanky pillow – I got this amazing silk hanky in a thrift store about five years ago and finally decided to make a pillowcase to sew it on. Sure wish I would have had some white fabric to put under it, but oh well. I love the graphics on this thing 164%.

Holiday albums – Started collecting Christmas albums at estate sales last year. I pick them based either on artist or cover art. Bonus for both. There are also two estate sale song books in the pic that have fantastic graphics, as well.

Jar fillers  – Estate sale fillin’s for some vases I had.

Misteltoe – This is the exact same mistletoe ball, including elf, that was in my house growing up. Had to add that to the estate sale shopping cart, fo sho.

Office mini tree – Tree is from Michael’s, balls and glittery tissue paper wrap from estate sale, sweet Christmas/New Year’s print block from the Alameda antique faire, and a photo of my dad from when he and my mom got married.

Pink nightmare and the Christmas notions – Mike LOVES A Christmas Story (as do I; it was filmed in my hometown of Cleveland). His family gets him something ACS every year. This is actually a bobble head doll. Vintage cookie tin filled with old 40s-50s boxes of glittery Christmas snow, ornament hangers, and window decals, all estate sale.

Shiny Brites on a sled – Sled from Thrift Town, $4. Estate sale ornaments and industrial light bulbs. I absolutely love the boxes from old Christmas ornaments and miscellany (see the hangers and snow, etc. above). Shiny Brite made some of the best.

Table setting – Estate sale ornaments, napkins, and white leaf plate. Chargers from Target and napkin rings from my stint working at Pottery Barn.

Three kings banner – Holy CRAP, probably my favorite collected item so far. This thing was purchased in PRISTINE condition, hiding behind a door at an estate sale. FOR TWO DOLLARS. The images are all felt with those great shaped, gold sequins, gold trimming, and fake jewels. Even better is that it’s huge. Each one of those banners is just over 40 inches long. I added the fake glittery Christmas corsage at the top to cover the nail. LOVE this thing!

Tree topper collection and stockings – I’ve also started collecting these old spire toppers, which is the same style as the gold one on top of our tree. I made the stockings last year out of felt, cutting the ornaments out to resemble ones from the image on a sweet serving tray I got at a garage sale for ten cents. HOLLA.

So yeah… That’s the bulk of it. Did I mention I was excited to decorate this year? :)



Kevin and Melissa’s Fantastical Holiday Setup

22 Dec

If you haven’t heard of MKRetro, you best get on it. You’ve probably found yourself drooling over the stuff they sell on Craigslist, Etsy , and the antique faire … now you can drool over their adorable home. Ch-ch-check it:

Back in the Day: Santa Style

22 Dec

Thanks to Rebecca of Atomic Fantasy Vintage  for sharing this wonderful 1952 photo of her Mother with Santa.

Erin and Stefan’s Vintage Christmas

21 Dec

1963 called and said they couldn’t have created this photo any better.

Scout Living owners, Stefan (pronounced Steffen) and Erin …

Laura and Tim’s Holiday Home

21 Dec

Thanks for sharing. This photo is great!

Hi Guys,

I love your blog and thought I would contribute a photo of my Christmas tree. It’s actually a photo of one of 2 trees that are up in our place, but this photo came out the best so I thought I would send it your way. The tree is new, but the ornaments are all vintage from the 40’s & 50’s. Happy Holidays. – Laura & Tim

Dexter’s Holiday

21 Dec

Amanda’s cat Dexter loves X-mas! (And considering climbing that tinsel tree after a good long lay on the tree skirt..)

Dianna’s Latest Uphostery Project

19 Dec

Reader Dianna is at it again! She most recently reupholstered a Mid Century couch (as featured in our Git’R’Done section,) and has shared again her most recent upholstery endeavor. This beautiful Danish lounge chair, all new fresh upholstery. It’s as though the Dux lounge chair and a Kai Kristiansen creation came together and made one heck of a beautiful chair!

She is currently selling it for $595.00! Check out her posting!

Back to the roots; the radical.

18 Dec

Completely ridiculous slug ottoman that folds out into a chair. What? SURE WHY NOT! $100.00 in Sacramento, sold by MK Retro.

“Apartment sized” teak credenza. I’m guessing that means.. compact, and not for storing your life’s treasures. $750.00 in Santa Rosa.

$130.00 headboard and nightstand in Land Park.

Wassily reproduction chair for $150.00! This poor guy has been on CL forever. Priced reduced from, heh, $250.00.

Danish wall unit for $545.00 in SacramentooooO!

No price on this dude, but the set has been for sale for a long time now! So sad! In Midtown.

Radio and record player in one, Bakelite exterior. Whoa – Retro keeen. $200 here in Sac.

Two wooden and laminate desks for $25.00 each! They are both very similar, but your choice, m’lady…

Nine drawer dresser in East Sac for $90.00. I like that price, boy.

Some-what hideous 70’s table set. But something about those yellow chairs are great. $150.00 at Do-Overs Consignment in Citrus Heights.

OH MY. I thought this chair was un-upholstered and that I was looking at the inner foam.. but I was wrong. This is the color. Whoops. $125.00.

But if you don’t like that chair top, guess what? YOU CAN BUY THIS ONE INSTEAD, and slap it on the base!! $150.00 in Benicia.


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