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Erin and Stefan’s Vintage Christmas

21 Dec

1963 called and said they couldn’t have created this photo any better.

Scout Living owners, Stefan (pronounced Steffen) and Erin …

Laura and Tim’s Holiday Home

21 Dec

Thanks for sharing. This photo is great!

Hi Guys,

I love your blog and thought I would contribute a photo of my Christmas tree. It’s actually a photo of one of 2 trees that are up in our place, but this photo came out the best so I thought I would send it your way. The tree is new, but the ornaments are all vintage from the 40’s & 50’s. Happy Holidays. – Laura & Tim

Dexter’s Holiday

21 Dec

Amanda’s cat Dexter loves X-mas! (And considering climbing that tinsel tree after a good long lay on the tree skirt..)

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