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Leslie’s Xmas Decorations

14 Dec

Super cute! Thanks Leslie!

The winner is

13 Dec

BRANDI! Wooo woo woo. WOO.
Thanks everybody who entered and for sharing your vintage wishes!
All of them were so awesome!

Mimomito Christmas give away

7 Dec

Get ready for lotsa photo’s but first…thee prize:
Ten handmade Christmas cards by local craftsman Ben Della Rosa (my husband) from Interval press. We wanted to give something back to you guys this season for all your awesome support. We wanted to give to your giving!!!!! Hand them out as a gift!? Give them with a gift! Keep them all! I dunno!
To qualify:
1. Please “like” Interval Press’s facebook
2. Post a comment on our blog of one vintage item on your christmas wish list.
We will select a winner at random next Tuesday 12-13-11. But wait. There’s more. Well more content. Not anymore prizes.
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How Bazaar, How Bizarre

6 Dec

Bazaar Bizarre was held in the same building as Deco the Halls, since it was free and literally a hop, skip and a jump away we decided to check it out.

Here were my top five vendors (in no particular order):

Tiny Sparks Design. I really wanted to chat with the fella who creates these beauties, but it seemed like he was in popular demand so I took a business card and let him do his thang. Unfortunately I couldn’t find anywhere to purchase his work online. I contacted him and I’m hoping he’ll get back to me ASAP. I know y’all want to buy this for your xmas gift to yourself.

3 Fish Studios has some amazing work. You like drawings of iconic MCM chairs? They got ’em. You like robots? Got those, too. Love being from California? You get it … go check out their work already!

Swizzlestix does a variety of MCM inspired things, including: super cute paper goods, kitchen stuff and these sweet pillows. Those cards would make perfect stocking stuffers!

Ilee Paper Goods – This is another website that I wish offered more. I feel like it doesn’t do the work justice. Their stuff is pretty great as you can see from the calander above.

Sorry this photo is so small. I just grabbed it from her site and this was the largest form. Coffee n Cream Press. She had a hilarious card that said “Hi, I’m not pregnant” — I should have bought it because I don’t see it on the site.


Homes, Sweet Homes: Tony and Donna

6 Dec

Who was nice enough to show us around: Two amazing artists named Donna and Tony.

Gretchen (over at Eichlerific) was nice enough to send Tony and Donna our way. I’m really glad that she did because not only are they really kind-hearted, genuine people but they also have a fantastic home.

 What they told us about their home: They live in a 3 bedroom/ 2 bathroom custom Streng home. The best part is that structurally it was in close to original. We like that. :) 

 Where is the home located: Overbrook, Sacramento, California

When was the home built and when they moved in: The home was built in 1963 and they moved in 2001.

Why they chose this home: It was exactly what they wanted and the home was being sold at a reasonable price. Originally they wanted to live in a commercial space, but after living in a loft they changed their mind. Donna said they love greenery and once they stepped into their Streng, they knew it was the home for them.

Photos by Rose and Serene. There’s a slide show at the bottom of the gallery.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What attracted you to MCM design?

Both of us were raised with MCM design. We both are very nostalgic about the period, the clean architecture, furnishings, landscape design and the 40’s through the 60’s aesthetic.

Favorite designers and biggest influences for your style?

We think style is very personal and individualistic. We are drawn to many different things for many different reasons. We would not say any designer has influenced our taste or style, we just know what we like and want when we see it.

How do you feel about reproductions?

Originals are much more desirable to us than reproductions. We like owning the real thing, not a knock off. A designer was or should be paid/had been paid for their original ideas and work. The craftsmanship is often of better quality and the original artist/designers heart was into their product when it was being produced. We do understand that cost is the major factor when buying a reproduction instead of an original.

Furniture wise, what do you think is something you should invest in?

Invest in? Get something because you love it, not for an investment.

Where are your favorite places to shop for home décor?

We go to art galleries, art exhibits, studio visits, museums and student shows all over the country/world. We love to discover new talent and are always searching for something new, inspiring and challenging that is fresh from established or emerging artists.

What are some of your best finds? From where?

I found 2 original drawings by a very famous artist in a collectible/antique/ second hand shop. You just need to know what to look for and be educated on what you are looking at.

Greatest achievement in your home? Biggest challenge?

We think our home reflects our own personalities. We share a passion for the architecture which showcases our individual style and acts as a backdrop to our collecting. We are very proud to have had our home featured in many magazines, a hard bound coffee table book, television, and papers. We have been asked to give tours to many groups and organizations, and enjoy seeing our home through the eyes of others seeing it for the first time. That is the greatest achievement of all is to see how people react so positively about our home and to get recognition for how it looks. Our home is a reflection of us and no one else. It is a happy place for ourselves and others.

Our biggest challenge is that we grew out of the space before even moving in. We have been creative with space relations such as storage and making our home work to our every advantage.

Future goals/ projects?

It seems like we are always coming up with new ideas for our home, studio and yards. The next project is to make a gallery space equipped with display areas and lighting for Tony’s art to be shown within the studio. We plan on relocating his kilns to a different area within the property and upgrading the electrical panel. We are also going to be working on some hard and soft landscaping for the front, back and side yards.

Do you have any home inspiration recommendations for our readers?

With MCM, it seems people have a tendency to collect, decorate, use the same color palettes as everyone else doing that same thing. Your home should reflect yourself. When people owned these houses years ago, they may have been a type of cookie cutter home on the exteriors, but inside everyone’s homes were different. French Provincial alongside a Danish Modern rocker that was next to a table with a lamp with a skirted shade on it. If you wear brown and love brown, paint with browns, decorate with browns. If you like Hawaiian, decorate in a Hawaiian theme, pieces from your travels or western, whatever you have a liking to. Don’t collect because you think it is “in” or because you heard it is in or is the new cool. Everything goes “out” and fads are just that …fads. Fad’s go out of style sooner than later and look dated. Choose what you like that reflects you and your interests and own personality. When visiting someone’s home it should be a reflection of the people that live in that home, not some one else. Don’t be afraid to be you. No one judges.

Thank you so much to Tony and Donna for letting the three of us take a peak at their wonderful home. It was so fun! <3

If you’re interested in having your home featured on the blog, shoot me an e-mail at:

Deco the Halls

6 Dec

Oohweee, I was definitely like a kid in a candy shop at this year’s Deco the Halls.  I spent the first 15 minutes running back and forth from booth-to-booth ogling so many delightful goodies, and after I settled down we decided to start from one side of the building to the other to make sure nothing would be missed.

First of all, you guys would be proud that I arrived to this show using public transportation. I’m becoming quite the experienced BART rider.

I met this fella who creates the awesome clocks in the background of the photo. Check him out at

Next we bumped into a Scout Living dealer named Ron. He rules. The photo above and the four below are of his shared space with a fella named Joel.

This awesome table had one more chair that was being used.

This is a funky boomerang table. Ron thought it looked like a paint palette and I thought it looked like an oven mitt.


I think this handsome fella was pretending to be an Ikea shopper. They like to think long and hard about their purchases.

This is Dennis’s space. He’s from Chico and his stuff is beautiful.

Furniture-wise, I happened to mostly love the stuff that my friends brought. There were some really beautiful Heywood Wakefield pieces, but I was a little nervous to take photos.

Bradbury and Bradbury were also there with their fantastic wall paper. I’ve been meaning to write about them for ages. Soooo good!

Serene and Alan’s Holiday Digs

5 Dec

From our office you can see the lights in our living room! CHEER! Also, a mini-tree for the office.

Ahh, the living room. Alan is playing Zelda and cannot be disturbed. We thrifted old strands of the big incandescent bulbs in Reno! They are so delightfully bright in the windows.

I can’t wait for LED light technology to catch up with holiday glow. The lights are so .. blue and sterile. Bah. Don’t care for it, but it will keep us from burning down our place!

Deco the Halls 2011

2 Dec

Today my friend Ron reminded me that he would be selling at Deco the Halls. I’m stoooooked that he did because I just happen to have plans to be in SF this weekend. I’ll snap some photos for those of you who can’t make it. :)

David’s Delightful Decorations

1 Dec

This is David’s first year in his home. Isn’t it cute? He is also a dealer at Scout Living and he has some darn good stuff, too.

If anyone else would like to share their holiday decorated home, send the photos to :)

A teeny bit of cards.

1 Dec

Just in case some of you are still in need…or you forgot. I’ll be honest I forgot.
5.00 Mueller airport. It was built in dat 60’s. If you have someone in Texas, they’ll be like ‘yah I know that thing. OH HOW SWEET.’
Oh fo sho christmas card. I’ma do all of that.
5.00 It’s like a lightning bolt of good cheer and vendetta.
20.00 Ooo you are fancy card.
16.00 Yup another one from the office of nature. WHAT? They look good!
18.00 Watermelon peace!
28.00 Blue color is a nice touch.
16.00 Dont forget wrapping paper! I use to think sunday comic wrap jobs were a ok. But no. They are not. From years of white elephant exchanges with coworkers I learned that the craptastic 40 oz paper bags I used made people not want my gift. No matter how cool the thing that rests uncomfortably in those damp crinkly walls of paper is. Don’t do it guis.

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