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All the way across the sky

31 Jan

I am pulling stuff from all over!
75.00 in Antelope.
Two teak books cases. I am not too clear over whether or not that is the price for both or individually.
600.00 Granite Bay
I love this thing.
395.00 in East Sacramento
Lookin’ good Sculptra, looking good!
2100.00 for this George Nelson Omni system.
Tis spendy but sure is beautiful.
150.00 in Dublin
Earthy pieces and midcentury delights are a good combination in my book.
1000.00 Two piece couch set.
These couches are like snow.
200.00 Gardenville Nevada.
It has leaves! You could have options!
75.00 in Oakland
GUYS! It’s a booster seat! I don’t have children and I am generally uneducated in what a booster seat is, or anything child related. I do though like the way this thing looks. I also believe that because I am sorta childsize….I could use this thing. 40.00 in Auburn
Classy gentleman like sofa.
113.00 in SF
Cute compact desk for easy livin’.
125.00 Lafayette
Seller states that the burly wood end tables being sold are a lil rough but still good lookin’.
120.00 in San Jose
OOOO. Boxy!!! Them knobs too!
25.00 in Reno
I do enjoy this guy and those colors.
45.00 in Valley Springs
Good price for that wall unit! My husband says this unit looks a lot like a Tie fighter.

I dunno. It’s the way his mind works.

Architect, Designer, Art Director, Anna Castelli Ferrieri

28 Jan

We here at Mimomito love husband and wife design duos. Rose has done write-ups of Hans and Florence Knoll, and Charles and Ray Eames, so let’s throw my blurb on the pile!

Anna Castelli Ferrieri is most famously known for her design of the Componibili modular system, a signature piece of the Kartell collection of injection-molded plastic household furniture. I love compact compartmentalized furniture, and the Componibili created in 1969 is still available for purchase today for considerably cheap! ($41.00 Componibili on Kartell)

Giulio Castelli, a chemical engineer, co-founded Italian design firm Kartell in 1949. In 1966, Kartell had young Anna to design the Kartell Headquarters in Binasco. They were a match made in design heaven! Anna co-founded a handful of design associations in Italy, as well as being the Editor of Italian magazine Casabella Costruzioni, and being the Italian correspondent for British magazine Architectural Design. She certainly was a prolific little busy-bee. There are different articles which say they were wed after her design of the Kartell Headquarters, and some articles say they were a married couple that Co-founded Kartell. It seems a bit wishy-washy as to what the actual turn of events were. Whichever came first, the union or the company, some incredible things came about.

Both born in Milan, Anna and Giulio trained under some incredible pioneers of their time. Giulio trained as a chemical engineer under the Nobel Prize–winning chemist Giulio Natta. Anna was one of the first women to graduate from Milan Polytechnic Institute in 1943 with an Architecture degree. She spent a short stint in Paris with Le Corbusier, but returned to Italy to study with architect Franco Albini. In 1949, Kartell popped into existence and started manufacturing car accessories, but really came into bloom with the experimentation of plastics to create household furniture. Kartell pioneered the Italian modern design of the 60’s through the 80’s and continues today.

In the late 60’s and beyond, Anna continued to experiment and design with plastics. Above is Anna’s domed containers designed in 1973.

“For the “4822/44″ stool Anna Castelli Ferrieri designed in 1979, a metal alloy with polyurethane was used for the first time, creating enough stability for seat furniture to have longer legs.” via Kartell.  Shown above is Anna’s stool model #483.

Anna’s 1982 creation, the Revolving Library model 3610. “Solid steel base on top of which rotates a 4 story structure composed of square tops. Red and black elements can be arranged in numerous ways.” via Design Addict

“Her work as an architect is best represented by the Kartell headquarters, with its brilliant red blocks visible from the highway just outside Milan, which she designed in collaboration with Ignazio Gardella.” via New York Times

Anna’s designs still on display.Kartell still experimenting and designing beautiful objects with plastic.

Marion Bataille’s ABC Pop-Up Book

28 Jan

This is a very recent book made by French graphic designer, Marion Bataille. The pop up book was published in 2008 through Roaring Book Press. Although it is not from the 1960’s it does resonate the witty playful spirit of Mid-Century Modern creatives.

You can purchase this book on Amazon or Barnes and Nobles. The highest price I seen this book go for was 18.00! That’s not bad at all!!!

Here is an amazing video of Marion using her hand made mock up. Check it out!

Hello California. I love you.

27 Jan

I’ve found my dream desk! It’s these wonderful California shaped pieces by J. Rusten Furniture Studio.
I am pretty much in love with them… I’m even contemplating destroying my savings account to get one. Literally destroying it. I am gonna rip it into tiny pieces and throw them pieces over a cliff. Hopefully at the bottom of this cliff there is a trashcan that will catch all these tiny pieces. I don’t believe in littering.
I know some of you might be real tired of the “state shaped” trend.  It’s been done so many ways and in some cases very unfortunately.  This desk looks so good though! The wood, the craftsmanship! Man oh man,  I’ d be soooo okay  having a huge shape of Cali in my house!  Because California is the state  of good days, love, and dreaming.
Here is a bit taken from their Etsy page that explains why the wood they use looks so freaking amazing.
“Claro walnut, a perfect analog to the left coast’s culture and people, possesses a spectrum of colors and textures, unique among wood species. And, it’s rare. Because Claro walnut is not harvested commercially at any significant scale, it is obtained mostly through small, independent sawyers who are able to spare displaced or dead trees from the landfill or chipper. Since the species is no longer planted in the orchards, it’s availability is finite and shrinking year by year.”

It looks good right?! Delivery also appears to be free for any person living in the San Francisco area.  Yay San Francisco!

Just a few

27 Jan

$100.00 Cray-cray-credenza in Rancho Cordova

$50.00 right here in Midtown Sacramento.  Business chair grew up and became CEO…a loveseat!

$40.00 in East Sac
I kinda really want this little table thing.

220.00 in Redding.
I enjoy this table and it’s woodsy legs!

Furry Furniture Friends: HipCat and Bebop

27 Jan

These are Frank’s kitty companions. :) So fluffy!

HipCat and Bebop on a Plycraft lounger, and The HipCat on a circa 1955 Frank Lloyd Wright dining room set.

Show off your cute animal companions (hanging out on your MCM furniture) by sending us photos and maybe a little blurb about how awesome they are. Send them over to:

Golden Eyes

25 Jan

Good morning Mimomito! Less try to wipe the crusties out of our eyes by oogling some o’ dat craigslist furniture! YEEEEE!
$45.00 in Reno
So here’s this drafting stool. You have probably heard me say millions of times how in love I am with the idea of someone using a whole lotta these guys for dining chairs! There is a wonderful dining room somewhere on the internet that portrays the idea beautifully. Sadly, I cannot find it. I spent a considerable amount of time today searching and no luck! One day friends… one day I will find it.
$15.00 in Eldorado Hills
I am gettin’ all industrial on ya guys! Type-setting box can be used as great wall decor!
$200.00 in San Franny
ATTENTION! ONE HUH TWO HUH…whenever chairs stand in a line like this it reminds me of soldiers marching.
$50.00 in Carmel
Fifty dollars!!?!!! GIMME DAT.
$100.00 in Rocklin
Big ol’ piece of burly wood. The seller probably had many dreams and hopes for this guy. Now burl wood can become someone else’s dream to maybe come true.
$30.00 in Reno
Thirty and flirty HAAAAAY!
BOOM BOOM BOOM. CHUUUUUU CHHHUUU CHUUU. <—-Those are gun noises. I dunno. I was gonna try to find a rap song with lyrics about bullets or guns and try to make it funny. I couldn’t find one though. Can you believe dat?! First I cant find an amazing picture of some drafting chairs, now no rap song about gats…why do you guys even trust me to be looking for your fancy chairs!?
$80.00 for four in Berkeley
Herro bootiful. You lookin’ so shiny and new!
$875.00 in San Anselmo
I’ve got several opinions about this couch. One is…this thang is velvet?! It’s velvet?! My aunt had a velvet couch when I was younger. I just remember one of my great aunt’s who was a tad large would plop herself onto that velvety couch and a huge dust ball would come up outta that thang. Ever sine I’ve witnessed that booty dusty ball I’ve been hesitant about velvet couches. Aside from that the pattern on this couch is pretty much the most Boss (with a capital B) thing I have ever seen on a couch. I love it. The colors, the opportunity, the frame! It all seems wonderful! If you can handle the velvet I’d tip my hat to you and shake your hand!
So cute, tough, and grey!
$60.00 in River Pines
This guy looks tiny and the color of the wood is that awesome red brown!

Furry Friends: Enzo

24 Jan

This is Darrell’s pal, Enzo. He’s a beagle mix that is almost two years old. The pug is their next door neighbor, Hammy.

Show off your cute animal companions hanging out on your MCM furniture by sending us photos and maybe a little blurb about how awesome they are, and about your furniture! Send them over to:

Monday star search.

23 Jan

$45.00 each (I think?) for these two wrought iron patio tables with glass. Here in Sac. Seller also has:

Marble top coffee table set for $125.00

Seller also has this kinda rough Zenith record player. The shape is adorable, and the price is right – $55.00

$80.00 blue-dee-blue Herman Miller chair in Elk Grove.

Wacky looking vinyl and molded plywood chairs for $175.00 each! Seller has two – in Carmichael.

Arthur Umanoff softa/table combo thang! Dang, this is a beautiful piece for the price, $500.00 here in Sacramento.

Punch-you-in-the-face-ORANGE fiberglass chairs in Fairfield for $40.00

2 CHEAP 2 B REAL? Hey, now. Wassily chair fr $200.00 in Oakland.

HA! Look at that camouflage kitty cat. $150.00 big ol’ couch in Santa Rosa.

IT IS MY DREAM.. to have two twin beds. See, my man has got the “JIMMY LEGS,” and it makes it very hard me to sleep in the same bed as him. I also like to “starfish” – and these two sleeping styles make for an angry couple of folks in the morning. This set of twin headboards and dressers look like they’re for either the cutest couple ever, or the creepiest twins ever. $200.00 in Stockton takes it ALL!

Reeling in the goods.

21 Jan

A little phonograph unit for $150.00 in Elk Grove!

Big ol’ greeny couch for $500.00 in West Sacramento

Rad modern little vanity!

Metal + wood + wheels? Yes please. $50.00 task chair in East Sac.

Another looong green couch! This ones got some sharp edges, hot hot hot. $300.00 in Rocklin.

$75.00 knockoff Eames lounge! DASS CHEAP, Y’ALL

$50.00 globe hanging lamp. Oh man, I want this for my outside porch light :U

BIG N’ TALL hairpin leg table! For only $45.00, re-purposing them legs is well worth it.

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