Craig, god of List.

4 Jan

1966 stereo console! Whoa-ho ho, is that a reel to reel I squeal!? $250.00 in Elk Grove.

$75.00 wood and formica benches in San Jose – apparently guys got a few of ’em.

$150.00 not vintage table, but old school styyyyle.

Nine drawer dresser for $120.00 in San Joseeee!

Three drawer teak end table/nighstand for $100.00 in Pacific Heights, SF. A lil’ 80’s, but that teak be cleeean.

Expanding table with drop-down leaves for $50.00 in San Ho!

This is what I call “The rockabilly lounge chair.” $150.00 for two of these sparkly vinyl buddies in Santa Clara.

“Danish” style full bed and bedframe with headboard and footboard. $125.00 for the whole thing? THATS A STEAL! Located in Folsom.

New arc lamp. Make an offer apparently? A shiny quarter!  In Stockton.

Teak room divider for $425.00 here in Sacramento. Spendy but real nice!

Teak shelf – looks like it’s from the 70’s, but it has the nice wooden pulls on the cabinets. I think this sucker would make a really nice bar for your hallway! You know, for when your glass is depleted, but you’re walking through your house. Glasses in the shelves, and decanters restin’ in the middle. Mmm bars.. $75.00 in North Highlands.

Need a retro-styled table and are a tripod of a family of three? $60.00 or best offer for this dining set with three chairs and table.

Danish chair with rad seat pad, $150.00 here in town.

This english bull dog – I mean, Bassett brand end table is $65.00. Looks like solid wood, with nice accents. Like that sweeping wood support piece around the bottom. Good breeding.


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