Monday mornin’ patrol

9 Jan

Find o’ the day – this Danish lounge chair for $200.00! I’m not huge on the upholstery – but it IS in perfect condition! For sale here in Sac.

Lane table with a floating top somewhere near Reno in a place called Spanish Springs for $75.00.

$60.00 knock-off Pollock chair in San Jose.

Pair of end tables/coffee tables for $200.00 in the East Bizzayyy!

$200.00 orangey-brownzy lounge chair in San Jose.

Unfortunate lampshade thing happening – but the cork lamp itself is good lookin’! $75.00 in The East Bay.

$80.00 pretty cool end table with storage. How ’bout that? In Santa Cruz.

$90.00 tension lamp (every loves a tension lamp..) in Elk Grove. This one has the saucer up-light, too! Snazzy!

$450.00 teak lounge chair here in the Sacramento urrea.

WOW, DUDES – $425.00 amazing daybed. Could be paired with a low end table on the right side for some slick loungin’. Here in Sacramento!

I LOVE A HEAD BOARD! People, we need to stop with the Ikea bed frames and grow up, alright? Here’s a full-sized headboard for $40.00!

I ALSO HAVE A THING FOR A BOOTH! So this isn’t the most design-forward booth.. but whatever, I think any booth makes for an awesome booth. This one is selling for the sweet sweet price of $150.00!


2 Responses to “Monday mornin’ patrol”

  1. Rose January 9, 2012 at 12:33 pm #

    That orangey brown lounge looks like an angel.
    Also I’am digging all these finds.

  2. April January 9, 2012 at 1:38 pm #

    Wow Dude indeed! I would love that daybed in my playroom. That is if my children didn’t also occupy the playroom.
    2yo +6yo = furniture death x many tears.

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