10 Jan

Bootiful teak credenza here in midtown at 1800.00

40.00 in Modesto
For those of you who are into that mid mod industrial look.

450.00 for this set of chairs in Big Little city Reno.

2000.00 in Sonoma
This is kinda one of those things were you’re kinda like CRAP REALLY. OMG REALLY. Like you are real stoked to even be able to get to look at something like this and then if you are po’ folk like me, you see the price and kinda just slunk away. WAH WAH.

25.00 in Parkside
Not bad little dude!

375.00 in Hayward it swivels.

175.00 in Moraga Bah leather midcentury numbers! I love them.

Chandelier is lookin’ pretty cute for 35.00 in Reno.

25.00 in Turdlock (er Turlock). I’ am actually on the prowl for something like this meself. I am finally putting together my office and am in some desperate need for furniture!

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