Monday star search.

23 Jan

$45.00 each (I think?) for these two wrought iron patio tables with glass. Here in Sac. Seller also has:

Marble top coffee table set for $125.00

Seller also has this kinda rough Zenith record player. The shape is adorable, and the price is right – $55.00

$80.00 blue-dee-blue Herman Miller chair in Elk Grove.

Wacky looking vinyl and molded plywood chairs for $175.00 each! Seller has two – in Carmichael.

Arthur Umanoff softa/table combo thang! Dang, this is a beautiful piece for the price, $500.00 here in Sacramento.

Punch-you-in-the-face-ORANGE fiberglass chairs in Fairfield for $40.00

2 CHEAP 2 B REAL? Hey, now. Wassily chair fr $200.00 in Oakland.

HA! Look at that camouflage kitty cat. $150.00 big ol’ couch in Santa Rosa.

IT IS MY DREAM.. to have two twin beds. See, my man has got the “JIMMY LEGS,” and it makes it very hard me to sleep in the same bed as him. I also like to “starfish” – and these two sleeping styles make for an angry couple of folks in the morning. This set of twin headboards and dressers look like they’re for either the cutest couple ever, or the creepiest twins ever. $200.00 in Stockton takes it ALL!


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