All the way across the sky

31 Jan

I am pulling stuff from all over!
75.00 in Antelope.
Two teak books cases. I am not too clear over whether or not that is the price for both or individually.
600.00 Granite Bay
I love this thing.
395.00 in East Sacramento
Lookin’ good Sculptra, looking good!
2100.00 for this George Nelson Omni system.
Tis spendy but sure is beautiful.
150.00 in Dublin
Earthy pieces and midcentury delights are a good combination in my book.
1000.00 Two piece couch set.
These couches are like snow.
200.00 Gardenville Nevada.
It has leaves! You could have options!
75.00 in Oakland
GUYS! It’s a booster seat! I don’t have children and I am generally uneducated in what a booster seat is, or anything child related. I do though like the way this thing looks. I also believe that because I am sorta childsize….I could use this thing. 40.00 in Auburn
Classy gentleman like sofa.
113.00 in SF
Cute compact desk for easy livin’.
125.00 Lafayette
Seller states that the burly wood end tables being sold are a lil rough but still good lookin’.
120.00 in San Jose
OOOO. Boxy!!! Them knobs too!
25.00 in Reno
I do enjoy this guy and those colors.
45.00 in Valley Springs
Good price for that wall unit! My husband says this unit looks a lot like a Tie fighter.

I dunno. It’s the way his mind works.


2 Responses to “All the way across the sky”

  1. Erin January 31, 2012 at 3:41 pm #

    These finds are getting progressively awesome.

  2. Rose February 1, 2012 at 10:50 am #

    Thanks Erin! I enjoyed putting that list together!

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