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Happy Campers: Kristin’s Big Mustard Couch

29 Feb

I posted this terribly confusing photo of a couch for sale at $40 in Citrus Heights, and dagganit! Kristin has been looking for, as she said, “a big long mustard yellow couch” for over a year now. So she swooped it up!

Here it is in its new home :D Lookin’ good, ma’am. Lookin’ reeeal good n’ mustardy.

Furry Furniture Friends: Hola Gallo!

29 Feb

Just picked this beauty up for FREE in sac and Gallo (our dog) loves it. We live in Roseville and love your site and the things you do for mid century lovers.


Gallo is so adorable. And so is that awesome sofa. What a score!

Show off your cute animal companions (hanging out on your MCM furniture) by sending us photos and maybe a little blurb about how awesome they are. Send them over to:

Rainy Wednesday

29 Feb

150.00 Rocklin
I like that this guy is all these different type of storages.

25.00 South Sacramento
Title to the post says UNIQUE TABLES. I agree. They also look like they can double or that they are stools?

175.00 Fair Oaks
Seems tiny and efficient.

20.00 in Elk Grove
Swivel table is so neat!

1800.00 in Modesto.
Once upon a time I found one of these guys for like a 100 or whatever here in Sacramento. I called the seller and told him I’d call him back in like an hour to go pick it up. When I called him back he had just sold it and said that he thought I wasn’t interested. I felt like ‘one day I am gonna look back on this and laugh.’ It’s been a year and I am so not laughing.

150.00 in Eldorado Hills
Yeah yeah. I got a vision guys.

500.00 in Folsom

15.00 in Auburn.
If Auburn wasn’t so far I’d go pick these guys up right now!

250.00 Sacramento
That price is for the whole set!

FREE Sacramento
Looks like that 80’s jam.

30.00 in Folsom

10.00 Sacramento
Not enough people with umbrella stands! Need moar!

1500.00 Sacramento
George Nelson day bed! MMM.

Just a few before the weekend! YAY!

24 Feb

PRICEY – but pretty. $600.00 danish dining set in Modesto.

Can’t believe this hasn’t been bought yet! $50.00 nighstand.

worst. picture. ever. But, it’s $40.00 and could possibly be amazing! Big giant great condition yellow couch! Big RED from Townhouse, I’m lookin’ at you.

$100.00 in good condition, no tears, and only needs the little foot metal piece under one of the legs. C’mon, that’s totally worth it. Just clean up that wood with walnut restor-a-finish.

Mix and match

23 Feb

215.00 in Oakland
I am doing a post with some mixing and matching. Get ready mimomito. Things might seem like they are getting weird.

25.00 in San Rafeal
Olly olly smokes. 4 FOR 25? Is this even real?
Basically free in Pacific Heights
This guy is in need of a whole lotta love! LOTS. Seller doesn’t state a price in the post. Just states that it is practically free and would hate to see it thrown on the curb. If your into projects…this may be for you.
50.00 in Richmond
There are two chairs in the post. I am not too clear over whether or not it is 50 each or 50 for the both.
245.00 in Martinez
Teak serving cart that does a total transformation. That black top is super fancy and I want to have it.

300.00 in Lincoln
Arrite guys. Arrite. I might be loosing some of you here. You might be scratching your heads saying to yourself ‘this is midcentury? I thought that is what you do?’ Yeah I know. Cool it for a second though OK. Tis not everyone’s cup of tea…but maybe there is some of you out there who enjoy mixing and matching. Maybe someone here is super adventerous I DUNNO. I just think they look really neat and they are made out of brass and marble. Which also probably means these guys are some heavy ass sh…stuff.

80.00 in Alameda
It is childsize!
250.00 in Oakland
Ah snap. Kilim runner lookin’ good.
100.00 in Rocklin
I sent this to my husband and he was like that thing is weird. I was like ‘psh. BY WEIRD YOU MEAN AWESOME….right?’ Of course that’s what he meant guys.
195.00 in Roseville
Teak table with leaves.
35.00 in santa clara
I dunno if this is real but if you are looking for a cheap look alike…here ya go.
25.00 in Curtis park
Right here in our neck of the woods.
495.00 in Elk Grove
Imagine keeping a whole bunch of spices in this thing!
in Ceres
Big ol burly slab!!

Glass, Brass, Wood, and Old.

22 Feb

80.00 in Galt
350.00 in Modesto
100.00 in Lathrop
Brass shelving. Mhmmmhhmmm.
40.00 in Roseville
Dang das cheap!
40.00 in Hayward
Oh so blue and clear.
575.00 in SF
Ah shapes!
85.00 in Merced
Heywood wakefieldy.
50.00 in Lincoln
75.00 in Tahoe
I found a bed in this shape the other day that was in brass. I thought too long on it and now it is gone. Now I am back on the prowl. This bed would be neat for guests though cuz it folds up and can be tucked under stuff or stuffed in tiny cracks.
25.00 in Sacramento
3ft Elephant! That’s nearly as tall as me!
250.00 in San Jose
900.00 San Carlos
It is leather with a sling back!

Favorite things: Happy Birthday Toni!

22 Feb

Our dear blog mate Toni, has been born on this day! We put together this “favorite list” of things we think she would enjoy! Stuff like  party invitations because Toni loves to bring people together! Melmac dishware, pastel colors, Owl soap for her owl themed bathroom and CAPES. You might not have known this about us Mimomito gals…but we do enjoy duh capes! Anyways, we love Toni, we hope she has a wonderful birthday, and hope she knows that if we could get her all this stuff and so much more we would. Happy freaking birthday Toni-you are amazing!

Row 1: Pyrex 110.00 Teak Bookcases 2,575.00 50’s Wiggle dress 

Row2: Atomic glasses 59.00 Invitations 15.00 Lazy Susan 58.00
Row 3: Red Cape 69.00 Owl soap 5.25 Jax 150.00
Row 4: Tea cosy 31.00 Aqua Tray 24.99 Melmac Set 25.00
Row 5: Salterini chairs 550.00 Nakashima tables Barkcloth pillow case 64.00
Row 6: Starburst clock 295.00 Poodle skirt 64.00 Cake stand 146.00


14 Feb

180.00 in Oakland
Interesting lil’ something something in that Bay area.
180.00 in San Franciso
It has stumpy legs.
20.00 in Antelope
That swoop thing it has going on is pretty neat. You could place a huge animal sculpture on that and place your books on the side.
100.00 Nob Hil
Mid century clocks are like the most swanky and classy thing in the whole wide world.
150.00 Roseville
It’s small and nobby.
50.00 in Elk Grove
I love these things. I use to have one when I was a kid. All my toys went in that golded classy box. Then I ruined it. Adult Rose, is very very upset now at younger Rose.
450.00 in San Jose
This guy has a pretty unique shape to him and those wonderful knobs.
40.00 in Elk Grove
For the mix and matchers!

45.00 Carmicheal
I am finna loose some of you on these 60’s wicker chairs. Hold up. Dont close the browser yet. Take another look. I know there is someone out there who see’s the potential boss these chairs could be? Right? Is it just me? AH HAWL. Ok. Well anyways, I’d put these dudes in my yard if I had one. Then I’d have my husband fan me with banana leaves whilst I pat,pat my hypothetical pet Siamese cat, named Elvis.
It would be pretty cool for a lil bit.

Westinghouse washer and dryer in Reno

11 Feb

This washer/dryer combo is from an estate in the Reno area and apparently works perfectly. Seller isn’t being exactly.. clear as to what he wants for the price, but it made me want to look through old Westinghouse ads. Old colorized appliance ads just warm my guts! Oh, and here’s the original craigslist post for you to peruse.

The Westinghouse floor fan. The tray flips upside down to store, and the flip-side is a soft footstool. I love those gold-rimmed glasses and the bright red butterfly chair!

“Westinghouse Roll-out Wash Well.” I love the clean simplicity of everything in this photo – EXCEPT the contents of the wash well! It looks like a trash compactor, and perhaps little Ethel should get her hands out of there.

Washer and dryer combo – but what is this contraption to the left? Well, apparently it’s an ice box with “Cold injector.”

Friday wrap-up!

10 Feb

white drafting chair, swivelly wivelly, $140.00 in Fair Oaks

Are you framiliar with the dental term, “dry socket?” Well. This is what I imagine it looks like. These are $50.00 for.. two? In Rancho Cordova

These are super duper cuper.. cute. Black and white with caned shelf. Two for $50.00 in Rancho Cordova.

Flat-packable lounge chairs, the pair for $1000.00 here in Downtown Sacramento.

$100.00 for this here Lane table, for sale in Land Park.

$130.00 teak table set for sale in Rocklin. A bit 80’s probably, but in great shape.

SRSLY?  Down to $100.00, y’all? C’mon. These people trying to MOVE!

$200.00 pretty lil’ stereo console. Dang, that’s shiny. In Del Paso Heights.

$40.00 for TWO of these chairs in Tahoe Park – that apparently just need just a simple cleanin’.

Laminate two-tier end table for $55.00 Rancho Cordova

$215.00 for the pair! HOLY GODDAMNED!

$175.00 for a pair of end tables here in Midtown. WHOA – PINK PINK.

$250.00 for the set in Roseville! Don’t even try, I’ve called the guy and he was offered $500.00!

Holy what-theWHATTTTTTT. Matching coffee table and end table – $150.00 for the pair in Granite Bay.

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