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These are a list of my most favorite things

1 Feb

Sometimes I like to put a group of items together in a list. It’s exciting for me to see them all in a line, the way they could play on one another’s awesomeness, the color, shape, and texture. I get so stoked and giddy. Yeah. It is the real “daring” things in life that yours truly finds entertaining folks. If I start placing a picture of a Geode and a Acapulco chair together, I am like a child on Christmas morning. Any hoot here is a list I put together this week, of things that I have been gawking over. I’ll be making some more soon…maybe I’ll get real tickled and I’ll do some themed groups. Oh the fun to be had!

Row 1: Danish  S&P shakers 16.00 Coffee table 629.00 Glass Terrarium 58.00
Row 2: Chemex coffee maker Cow skull 145.00 Faceted Votive 20.00
Row 3: Wood wall art 100.00 Acoma Vase 40.00 Celeste Stool 568.00
Row 4: Tea towel 20.00 Rainforest Print 27.00 Midcentury side table 449.00
Row 5: Barnacles storage 240.00 Midcentury glasses 16.00 Clay owls 20.00
Row 6: Wooden Mountain toy 25.00 Golden paper bowl 68.00 Acapulco chair

Them cities by the bay

1 Feb

90.00 Nevada City
It has the keys! If I were able to keep a secrete stash of something it would be Hello Panda cookies.
My signficant other likes to act like they are no big deal, ‘they’re just ok’ he says. I know his game. I was fooled once by his seemingly disinterest in Hello Panda’s. Then I come home after a hard day at work and what do I find…ALL MY PANDAS GONE. GONE I say. Gone. I felt so many emotions that day, loss, sadness, betrayal, defeat…the list goes on. So yeah, I would totally lock up all kindsa secrete snacks if I had this roll top desk.

40.00 San Jose South
I enjoy the color of this wood.

225.00 Pacific Heights
One of the blogs I follow made a post about a rug she got. In a nutshell the rug was hard to find and hard to get for a decent price. I thought to myself,   how hard  is it to find a rad rug on craigslist? So I searched and searched. This was the best I could do. It’s 78″x55″. It be great if it was huge but it is not huge. I am gonna get the hang of rug searching guys, dont worry!

35.00 Berkley
This is the coolest school desk ever! I hope it is as cool in person as I imagine it in my mind.

400.00 in Berkley
Spendy George Nelson clock is just so wonderful looking!

40.00 San Jose
It seems like sitting on this guy would feel like sitting on a huge marshmallow.

50.00 San Jose
Put some hairpin legs on this guy and you’ll be styling.

60.00 San Jose
I feel like visiting San Jose this weekend.

220.00 Santa Clara
Seller striped this chair to expose the guts. It’s pretty neat lookin’. Makes me wanna take a look in some old chair and see if it’s bootiful inside and out.

60.00 in Hayward
Neat wall hanging brass bull!!! SUPER NEAT!!!!

3200.00 Hollister
Letterpress with all the sweets.

An enormous collection of incredible typefaces, cuts and dingbats, lead and wood borders, spacing, brass perf and scoring material, a very nice hamilton cabinet, a hamilton marble composing table, and much more. I’ll even throw in a really nice Little Giant #4 press with the deal (all new rollers still wrapped). I’m scaling down my shop to just personal printing size, this is a great deal for someone looking to expand their shop, or start a new one. Everything needed to get started, will NOT part out, must take the entire lot.”

Click the link to see the list of Font’s the seller is going to throw in this package.

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