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Happy friday!

3 Feb

225.00 Hayward
I am so happy it is Friday! Tomorrow I promise myself that I will have the best breakfast ever.
450.00 Turlock
I am trying to figure out if this is really awesome or if it is just too much. I’m thinking with the right house and the right decor it would do wonders!
65.00 Hayward
100.00 Santa Rosa
These guys need some fixing. Which is really too bad because that yellow is somethin’ wonderful.
175.00 San Carlos
Wishbone lamp!
300.00 Midtown
Medieval cat rug is pretty hilarious.
350.00 Oakland
Dark green on the inside and wonderful on the out!

300.00 Martinez
Seller: “I am offering the square table for $200, and the round one for $150. If you’re interested in both, I’ll let the pair go for $300.”
Glass tops save all us messy food and drink enthusiasts from ruining treasures.
285.00 Moraga
I love you arc lamp! I love you a whole lot.
80.00 Richmond
Ikea tulip table in a comfortable price. There are some surface scratches though so give a good once over when you go to see it.
950.00 in Oakland
I have never seen a hutch like this. It’s got tons of storage and a little pull out bar.
150.00 El Dorado Hills
Neat large brass candle sticks for fancy pants like myself.
50.00 Stockton
Promising looking fireplace with a neat wooden base. If I had the room best believe I would have a fireplace. I’d even put an electric one and those things usually dont even look good.
975.00 Concord
Oh gosh those curves!
675.00 Fremont
Heeeeyooo small table heyyyyyoooo.
50.00 Tahoe
Get it gurllll. Not a bad price for this er hm vintage chair.
Ok. I am sleepy. I need more coffee. See ya guys later.

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