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A couple more…

6 Feb

$550.00 SF
Oh my, my, Mulhauser.
50.00 Nob Hill

1400.00 San Carlos
I just think this thing is amazing looking.
380.00 Oakland
50.00 Concord
I must go. I must hurry. I must be off. I am late to other life things I am suppose to be attending! AH.

Hola. Holla. Hollarrrrrr.

6 Feb

50.00 West Sacramento
Good Morning Mimomito! Get ready for a post chock full of sitting stuffs!
120.00 Cotati
Super high back chair with a neat oatmeal-ish color to it!
50.00 Carmicheal
For anyone lookin’ for a project! The wood needs some attention and poor dudes need some cushions.
65.00 Vallejo
Three drawer dresser seems like a great addition to anyone living in a small space.
35.00 Vallejo
Seller is also selling this guy. Ya know, now that I think about it. I think these are not dressers…these are probably end tables. Ah shnap seller. You done confused me.
750.00 Bernal Heights
100.00 Hayward
Oh you are a classy lookin’ thang!
125.00 Oakland Lake Merritt
Tis a repro. It does have that neat looking pad!
595.00 Burlingame
This thing looks HUGE.
1900.00 Berkley North
Oh no. Oh no no no no. Hans Wagner sofa. Oh. Seriously. I saw this and nearly fell out of my chair. It is such a clever bootiful looking piece of furniture. You can store blankets and pillows behind that rattan! Oh man. Oh man. Let’s move on before I has a heart attack.
I dont know where this thing is being sold. I am assuming SF, since that is where I found him “lounging” about (see the bad joke I did there).
250.00 India Basin
Seller states that you could break this guy down enough to fit into a honda!
Disassembling sofas were a very thoughtful kinda gesture.
100.00 Willow Glen
We might have post these guys already. I am not sure. They are still available though and a really neat wonderful color.
40.00 Davis
I simply enjoy that this chair has a slingy leather seat.
680.00 Sf
That leather! That wood! The fact that you could easily convince someone that you needed that loveseat all to yourself and you could just stretch out, and not be disturbed!

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