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Favorite things: Lost in a Sunset

8 Feb

My list for this week was inspired by a sunset. Yeah yeah. Trite but what-evs. It was challenging for myself because there happens to be a lot of pink tones in a sunset. Who woulda thunk?! This was hard for yours truly because I am a person who seldom buys or even looks at anything pink. Ever. The only time I ever did so was when there was this really neat pink and green power ranger shirt at Kmart. The Power Rangers were throwing their fist into the earth and this huge gold lightning bolt came out of the ground!!! I had to have it. They were showing the earth monsters who was boss.
So ya know. I am the type of color person who sticks to one thing. Dark, gloomy, and moody. I am pretty sure I am not alone. I know there has to be more of you out there that are in the color ruts. So, I tried my best to play with colors I normally wouldn’t and I am pretty pleased with my baby steps. Just the other day I bought pretty pale pink flats and OH my goodness I am actually wearing them-Today! PAT ON MY BACK. I am like becoming a lady or something.

Row 1: Eames chair 325.00 Machine Print21.99 Rock night light 35.00
Row 2: Tumblers 65.00 Pretty in pink lamp 200.00 Burl cutting board 85.00
Row 3: Eagle 45.00 Greek Horse 72.00 Metal file 32.00
Row 4: Bath Salts 30.00 S&P shakers 74.99 Candle Holders 150.00
Row 5: Book case 995.00 Vase 18.00 Lace shower curtain 29.99
Row 6: Fox Door knocker 92.00 Cedar box 5.00 1950’s chandelier 495.00

Attention pet owners: Sassy can have her own stylish platform bed

8 Feb

And shouldn’t your pet get everything they ever want? And look good doin’ it? Yes, that’s what I thought. Etsy seller 15Degrees (who sells out of our fantastic Sacramento area,) is selling on Etsy and on Craigslist his adorable pet platform beds. Hand-made miniature versions of popular designs or in the style of MCM design. I love how simple and cute they are!

Case Study Inspired Pet Bed on Etsy, $75.00

Mid Century Style Doggy Bed on Craigslist, $75.00

Check out 15Degrees on Etsy, or look at his current post on Craigslist.


Homes, Sweet Homes: Michael and Clyde

8 Feb

Who was nice enough to let us feature their home:: Michael and Clyde are wonderful realtors who specialize (but aren’t limited to) in MCM homes. If you’re  in the market, make sure you shoot them an e-mail: or

Thanks so much to Jon for referring them.

What they told us about the home: It’s a 3 bedroom/ 2 bathroom, 1710 sq ft, Joseph Eichler home.

Where is the home located: South Land Park, Sacramento, California

When was the home built and when they moved it: Built in 1955 and they moved in 1997.

Why they chose this home: They loved the clean lines, the indoor outdoor feeling, large windows and the natural lighting, the privacy of the layout … just to name a few reasons. They said they love it so much and can’t imagine living in anything but an atomic ranch home.

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What attracted you to MCM design?

As Realtors, we see all different types of homes.  When we saw our first MCM home, we both fell in love with the clean lines, large expanses of glass that let in natural light and the blurring of lines between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Favorite Designers and biggest influences on your style?

We tend to be drawn to Scandinavian design, along with some some Asian influences.  Love all the staples: Eames, Noguchi, Kragen and George Nelson. Our Parents and  grandparents- Michael’s was my parent’s Danish Modern davenport with seafoam green and turquoise cushions, also still has 3 glass mushrooms on our coffee table that sat on my grandmother’s coffee table for years.  Clyde– his parent’s pink and black leather living room set.

How do you feel about reproductions?

Of course we love all the “originals”.  However, we feel design is an evolving process, so if we see something”new” that we like, we will definitely consider it.

Furniture wise, what do you think is something you should invest in?  

Some classic anchor pieces- whether it’s a coffee table, couch or artwork, something that makes a statement in a room.

What are your favorite places to shop for home decor?

Scandinavian Design, Scout Living, CB2 and Ebay- IKEA can also be a great resource if you are on a budget and just starting out.

What are some of your best finds? From Where?

A 12′ long rosewood sideboard- a local consignment store

A 7′ period metal sculpture-  a private seller in Montana on the internet

A 1950’s 8′ gold Christmas Tree in its original box- Ebay

Greatest Achievement in your home? Biggest Challenge?

When we bought our Eichler, it had been neglected for several years.  What updates had been done in the 1970’s were totally inappropriate for the style of the home (just one example is the pecky cedar barn wood that had bee used to cover the kitchen walls).  Our challenge was to incorporate the functions of a modern home, while keeping the integrity of the architects original vision.

Future Goals/projects?

We just finished remodeling our master bathroom, so we are taking a breather on the remodeling!

Do you have any home inspiration recommendations for our readers?  Advice and last words? (We’re combining two questions).

As Realtors, we really try and get in sync with our clients.  While a home is a financial investment, it is also the place that you live and hopefully love.  We may show a client many homes, and you can almost always tell when they walk into the home that instinctively appeals to them.  There is no right or wrong style, you decide what feels right for you.  For us, we knew immediately when we walked into our Eichler that it was the home for us.  We previously lived in a tudor in Old Land Park that we really liked, which was a totally different vibe; however, from the first moment this home just “felt” right.  There has been some discussion that MCM appeals to baby-boomers (like us).  What surprised us in the last couple of years is that we have had younger clients who looked at several homes, and just weren’t having that positive gut reaction.  We asked to show them something “a little different” (Blomberg, Streng and Eichler) and it was love at first sight!
For us personally, we didn’t want to live in a “museum” that was a literal recreation of the MCM period.  We were more interested in the aesthetics of clean simple lines and the modern feel of the period. We have constantly had comments over the years that guests “Can’t put their finger on it, but that the homes feel tranquil, relaxing, etc.” We could receive no higher compliment, it is definitely satisfying to have someone appreciate what you were trying to achieve.

Thanks again so much to Clyde and Michael for welcoming me into lovely their home, it was really a pleasure!

If you’re interested in having your home featured on the blog, shoot me an e-mail at:

Furry Furniture Friends: Bubu Kitty and Cleopatra

8 Feb

These lovely kitties belong to Jon and Jose. I love the chair that Bubu Kitty is under!!


Here’s one of cats, Cleopatra Jones, on the Plycraft lounger ottoman.

Here’s another family member, BuBu Kitty, under one of his favorite chairs.

Show off your cute animal companions (hanging out on your MCM furniture) by sending us photos and maybe a little blurb about how awesome they are. Send them over to:

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