Favorite things: Lost in a Sunset

8 Feb

My list for this week was inspired by a sunset. Yeah yeah. Trite but what-evs. It was challenging for myself because there happens to be a lot of pink tones in a sunset. Who woulda thunk?! This was hard for yours truly because I am a person who seldom buys or even looks at anything pink. Ever. The only time I ever did so was when there was this really neat pink and green power ranger shirt at Kmart. The Power Rangers were throwing their fist into the earth and this huge gold lightning bolt came out of the ground!!! I had to have it. They were showing the earth monsters who was boss.
So ya know. I am the type of color person who sticks to one thing. Dark, gloomy, and moody. I am pretty sure I am not alone. I know there has to be more of you out there that are in the color ruts. So, I tried my best to play with colors I normally wouldn’t and I am pretty pleased with my baby steps. Just the other day I bought pretty pale pink flats and OH my goodness I am actually wearing them-Today! PAT ON MY BACK. I am like becoming a lady or something.

Row 1: Eames chair 325.00 Machine Print21.99 Rock night light 35.00
Row 2: Tumblers 65.00 Pretty in pink lamp 200.00 Burl cutting board 85.00
Row 3: Eagle 45.00 Greek Horse 72.00 Metal file 32.00
Row 4: Bath Salts 30.00 S&P shakers 74.99 Candle Holders 150.00
Row 5: Book case 995.00 Vase 18.00 Lace shower curtain 29.99
Row 6: Fox Door knocker 92.00 Cedar box 5.00 1950’s chandelier 495.00

One Response to “Favorite things: Lost in a Sunset”

  1. Serene February 8, 2012 at 8:16 pm #

    This is a Rose-colored sunset for sure. A lot of avocado green and mustard :D

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