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14 Feb

180.00 in Oakland
Interesting lil’ something something in that Bay area.
180.00 in San Franciso
It has stumpy legs.
20.00 in Antelope
That swoop thing it has going on is pretty neat. You could place a huge animal sculpture on that and place your books on the side.
100.00 Nob Hil
Mid century clocks are like the most swanky and classy thing in the whole wide world.
150.00 Roseville
It’s small and nobby.
50.00 in Elk Grove
I love these things. I use to have one when I was a kid. All my toys went in that golded classy box. Then I ruined it. Adult Rose, is very very upset now at younger Rose.
450.00 in San Jose
This guy has a pretty unique shape to him and those wonderful knobs.
40.00 in Elk Grove
For the mix and matchers!

45.00 Carmicheal
I am finna loose some of you on these 60’s wicker chairs. Hold up. Dont close the browser yet. Take another look. I know there is someone out there who see’s the potential boss these chairs could be? Right? Is it just me? AH HAWL. Ok. Well anyways, I’d put these dudes in my yard if I had one. Then I’d have my husband fan me with banana leaves whilst I pat,pat my hypothetical pet Siamese cat, named Elvis.
It would be pretty cool for a lil bit.

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