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Glass, Brass, Wood, and Old.

22 Feb

80.00 in Galt
350.00 in Modesto
100.00 in Lathrop
Brass shelving. Mhmmmhhmmm.
40.00 in Roseville
Dang das cheap!
40.00 in Hayward
Oh so blue and clear.
575.00 in SF
Ah shapes!
85.00 in Merced
Heywood wakefieldy.
50.00 in Lincoln
75.00 in Tahoe
I found a bed in this shape the other day that was in brass. I thought too long on it and now it is gone. Now I am back on the prowl. This bed would be neat for guests though cuz it folds up and can be tucked under stuff or stuffed in tiny cracks.
25.00 in Sacramento
3ft Elephant! That’s nearly as tall as me!
250.00 in San Jose
900.00 San Carlos
It is leather with a sling back!

Favorite things: Happy Birthday Toni!

22 Feb

Our dear blog mate Toni, has been born on this day! We put together this “favorite list” of things we think she would enjoy! Stuff like  party invitations because Toni loves to bring people together! Melmac dishware, pastel colors, Owl soap for her owl themed bathroom and CAPES. You might not have known this about us Mimomito gals…but we do enjoy duh capes! Anyways, we love Toni, we hope she has a wonderful birthday, and hope she knows that if we could get her all this stuff and so much more we would. Happy freaking birthday Toni-you are amazing!

Row 1: Pyrex 110.00 Teak Bookcases 2,575.00 50’s Wiggle dress 

Row2: Atomic glasses 59.00 Invitations 15.00 Lazy Susan 58.00
Row 3: Red Cape 69.00 Owl soap 5.25 Jax 150.00
Row 4: Tea cosy 31.00 Aqua Tray 24.99 Melmac Set 25.00
Row 5: Salterini chairs 550.00 Nakashima tables Barkcloth pillow case 64.00
Row 6: Starburst clock 295.00 Poodle skirt 64.00 Cake stand 146.00

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