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Mix and match

23 Feb

215.00 in Oakland
I am doing a post with some mixing and matching. Get ready mimomito. Things might seem like they are getting weird.

25.00 in San Rafeal
Olly olly smokes. 4 FOR 25? Is this even real?
Basically free in Pacific Heights
This guy is in need of a whole lotta love! LOTS. Seller doesn’t state a price in the post. Just states that it is practically free and would hate to see it thrown on the curb. If your into projects…this may be for you.
50.00 in Richmond
There are two chairs in the post. I am not too clear over whether or not it is 50 each or 50 for the both.
245.00 in Martinez
Teak serving cart that does a total transformation. That black top is super fancy and I want to have it.

300.00 in Lincoln
Arrite guys. Arrite. I might be loosing some of you here. You might be scratching your heads saying to yourself ‘this is midcentury? I thought that is what you do?’ Yeah I know. Cool it for a second though OK. Tis not everyone’s cup of tea…but maybe there is some of you out there who enjoy mixing and matching. Maybe someone here is super adventerous I DUNNO. I just think they look really neat and they are made out of brass and marble. Which also probably means these guys are some heavy ass sh…stuff.

80.00 in Alameda
It is childsize!
250.00 in Oakland
Ah snap. Kilim runner lookin’ good.
100.00 in Rocklin
I sent this to my husband and he was like that thing is weird. I was like ‘psh. BY WEIRD YOU MEAN AWESOME….right?’ Of course that’s what he meant guys.
195.00 in Roseville
Teak table with leaves.
35.00 in santa clara
I dunno if this is real but if you are looking for a cheap look alike…here ya go.
25.00 in Curtis park
Right here in our neck of the woods.
495.00 in Elk Grove
Imagine keeping a whole bunch of spices in this thing!
in Ceres
Big ol burly slab!!

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