Rainy Wednesday

29 Feb

150.00 Rocklin
I like that this guy is all these different type of storages.

25.00 South Sacramento
Title to the post says UNIQUE TABLES. I agree. They also look like they can double or that they are stools?

175.00 Fair Oaks
Seems tiny and efficient.

20.00 in Elk Grove
Swivel table is so neat!

1800.00 in Modesto.
Once upon a time I found one of these guys for like a 100 or whatever here in Sacramento. I called the seller and told him I’d call him back in like an hour to go pick it up. When I called him back he had just sold it and said that he thought I wasn’t interested. I felt like ‘one day I am gonna look back on this and laugh.’ It’s been a year and I am so not laughing.

150.00 in Eldorado Hills
Yeah yeah. I got a vision guys.

500.00 in Folsom

15.00 in Auburn.
If Auburn wasn’t so far I’d go pick these guys up right now!

250.00 Sacramento
That price is for the whole set!

FREE Sacramento
Looks like that 80’s jam.

30.00 in Folsom

10.00 Sacramento
Not enough people with umbrella stands! Need moar!

1500.00 Sacramento
George Nelson day bed! MMM.

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