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Rain rain here to stay..

31 Mar

So let’s look at some furniture, shall we? Here are the latest Craigslist scours. And to those that tag their postings “mimomito” – we <3 you!

Dennis from Atomic Pop is selling this crazy teak bar for $500.00

Elk Grove has got a big boy Plycraft wannabe for $120.00. Loungey loungin’.

Rad Danish rocker! Pricey, but I love rocking chairs so I will ALWAYS POST A GOOD LOOKIN’ ONE! $900.00 for this Danish Bramin Mobler rocker.

Weird little $40.00 chest that opens up from the center – In Folsom!

I like that price. $20.00 for this cubey end table in North Highlands.

For that DOUBLE-WIDE loungin’ and lovin! $600.00 chaise lounge in Carmichael.

Faboo price! $75.00 vintage Safari chair in Sacramento.

Ruh roh! Looks like couch here just needs some new cushion foam! $100.00 in South Land Park.

Interestin’ $60.00 beigey/orange highback chair at Watt & El Camino.

Walnut dresser with.. nine drawers? $495.00 in East Sac.

Don’t forget the nightstands! $265.00

Homes, Sweet Homes: Scott and Meong

31 Mar

Who was nice enough to show us around: Scott and Meong.

Scott was nice enough to e-mail me and generously offer his home for your viewing. :)

 What they told us about their home: An amazing 3 1/2 bedroom/ 2 bathroom Streng home designed by Carter Sparks.

 Where is the home located: Williamson Ranch, Elk Grove, California

When was the home built and when they moved in: The home was built in 1978 and they moved in 1995.

Why they chose this home: Scott and Meong own a business which provides residential care facilities for the elderly called Camelot Care Homes and when they first decided to shop for their first home for their business, they found their Streng. They loved it so much that they purchased it for themselves and gave up their previous home for their business.

Photos by Serene

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What attracted you to MCM design?

I’m a mid-century modern design myself. I was born in the mid 50’s, so I grew up with it. My uncle had a “sputnik” chandelier in his entry way and I was always intrigued by it – very space age, which was the theme back then. Much of the news had to do with the space race and every day items began to take on the characteristics of satellites, and real or imagined space ships. Anyone born around that time has it in their DNA. The clean lines, the sleek, uncluttered design – it’s very appealing. When we bought our Streng home it was a very gradual process learning about MCM design. And then we bought some George Nelson bubble lamps and things sort of  took off from there.

Favorite designers and biggest influences for your style?

George Nelson, Eames, Noguchi, Arne Jacobson, Saarinen all the usual suspects. We like mid-century modern and modern very much. As for our modern furniture, the Jesse wall unit and bookcase and Bonaldo couch are all Italian design.  I was also very influenced by Zen Buddhism in my 20’s so the concept of simplicity is still important to me.

How do you feel about reproductions?

I have much respect for anyone who is willing to track down an original – (plug in any of the names in the previous paragraph).  To find something from that era that is still in presentable and serviceable condition, or to re-hab it until it is, takes a lot of time, work, dedication and usually money.

My Eames sofa compact, Nelson marshmallow sofa, and Noguchi table are all authentic and license originals but were produced recently rather than in the 40’s or 50’s.  Some collectors frown on this and only consider the old production runs authentic.  The benefit is that you are getting the item in brand new condition and it’s created by usually using the original machines, materials and production process.

I also have high quality reproductions of the Barcelona chair and the Jacobson egg chair that I found on the Internet and a pretty decent knock-off of the Eames Lounge chair that I bought at Scandinavian furniture.  The high end reproductions are so good that only an expert could tell that it is not authentic, and the quality is often right up there with the original.  You’re saving thousands of dollars and still getting some very cool furniture!

Furniture wise, what do you think you should invest in?

Whatever you like and can afford.  If your budget is really limited, save up for one nice piece that really knocks you out.  Make it your centerpiece and build from it.  It’s fun to see the puzzle gradually come together.

What are your favorite places to shop for home décor?

I miss Design Within Reach, which closed in mid-town a few years ago.  The nearest one now is in Palo Alto in the Bay Area.  Try Scandinavian furniture, Ikea, Scout Living, and my favorite – Midway antiques on Madison, which features Google Time – the owner has lots of great MCM stuff – especially Danish, Lumens and Limns round off the list but don’t forget the internet as well.  Atomic Ranch magazine has lots of interesting advertisers and some nice websites.

What are some of your great finds?  From where?

I had been searching for years to find a proper cabinet to store my cd and dvd collections (yes, I know there are some younger readers asking, “What on earth is a cd and a dvd?”)  I know these are going the way of the dinosaurs and record albums, but damnit, I have much more music than I can ever store in my iPod and lots of great movies that want and need to be stored and displayed properly!  On that note, the high-end storage units at Ikea allow you to “design it yourself”, and the quality is excellent.  A very modern design as well.

We had also been looking for dining table chairs, and were resigned to spending $300-$400 each when I discovered some very retro/modern molded plastic chairs that went perfectly in our dining room.  The best part is that they were only $99 each. Once again Ikea came through for us.

Greatest achievements in your home?  Biggest challenge?  Future goals, projects?

My wife and I are happy with how mid-century modern, modern, Asian and tropical all work together to create a harmonious but exciting space.

Our biggest challenge is being patient in this economy.  During the go-go years we would just spend the money if it was there or not.  Lately we just save and plan carefully for the next purchase.

Proper lighting is a very important part of a modern home.  Unfortunately Carter Sparks didn’t have room for any crawl space or attic so it is very expensive and time consuming when our friend the electrician comes out.  Instead of just cutting holes and dropping in fixtures from above, all wiring has to be threaded blindly through insulation, fire blocks, and strangely place joists from below.  We still need lots of canned lighting throughout the house to highlight artwork and furniture pieces.  A big section of glassblock is dying to go up in the master bedroom.  The bathrooms need a complete remodel and so does the kitchen.  Ouch!!

 Do you have any home inspiration recommendations for our readers?

Yes.  Just keep plugging away.  To me it is like putting a jigsaw puzzle together.  Some sections are easy to complete, others come together only after you have completed a different section.

 Advice and last words?

Have fun with it!

Thanks to Scott and Meong. I absolutely love what you’ve done with your home!

If you’re interested in having your home featured on the blog, shoot me an e-mail at:

DO NOT WANT: The chair what sends the Eames’ graves a-spinnin’

30 Mar

Of hundreds of chairs I’ve made over the years I think this might be my personal favorite. Matte grey painted curved plywood structure with bright almost mirrored silver faux crocodile fabric. No animals were harmed in the making of this mid century Eames inspired lounge chair.

(Original Etsy post)
* * *

I’ve seriously stared at this Etsy post for about 5 minutes, not really having the words to express how I feel. Truly, this is the Heart of Darkness of furniture, with nothing to be uttered but “The horror … the horror.”

The breakdowns in logic one must trace to explain the synthesis of this chair are unimaginable to most normal people – but I will attempt to, nonetheless.

One must begin with a personal aesthetic that is a Studio 54 coke-binge-meets-painting the sides of a battleship, and then possess balls the size of small moons to apply such a thing to THE most iconic piece of form-and-function furniture. So, to his/her credit, this person’s hubris scale is off the charts.

Layered bent ply not doing it for you? PAINT IT GRAY. Black leather a bit too “classy?” PUT A ROBOT ALLIGATOR ON IT. And then, in a move that is considered sexual assault in 42 U.S. states, price the abomination you have birthed at $1,500 smackaroos. Kind of hard to wrap your head around, is it not?

The description ends with the cheeky missive “no animals were harmed in the making of this mid century Eames inspired lounge* chair.* ” Perhaps true, but how many puppies and kitties will die deaths of fear and shame just laying their innocent lil’ eyes on this chair? There’s no real way to tell.

*I think it’s important to note I don’t consider this a ‘lounge’ or a ‘chair.’

Guest Writer Alan L. (Lover of 1960′s dollhouses)

Thanks to the PDX Picker Chris for sending us this treasure! Or .. lack there of!

Oh great. It’s Monday.

26 Mar

400.00 Reno
A quick pick me up post for our monday blues.

200.00 San Bruno
The detail on this guy is amazing.

120.00 Santa Rosa
Simple table with a convenient glass top.

150.00 Glenn Park
Put a base on this guy and you are good to go. I know guys. What else are you going to do sans base for a chair?

250.00 Danville
Herro bootiful!!

480.00 San Francisco
That star. That star is bright, shiny, and wonderful.

85.00 San Franciso
Crazy crazy lamp.

50.00 Los Gatos
Marble top is a nice little touch to bring into a living room.

25.00 Reno
I dunno how I feel about this chair. I like the price but I still dont know about it. Seems like something that may be really rad if you checked it out in person. Sometimes pictures are deceiving.

325.00 San Francisco
I imagine sitting in these guys is like being in your own personal hammock. I am pretty fond of hammocks.

Blockhouse Modern sale just for Mimomito!

22 Mar

Blockhouse Modern, a dealer space in Scout Living, will be discounting items on Saturday SPECIFICALLY for Mimomito Cocktail Party guests! Don’t forget to RSVP to the party on Facebook!

Favorite things: Number five

22 Mar

Row 1: Women in history glasses 14.00 Cabinet 325.00 Portrait 52.00
Row 2: Chandelier 319.00 Gustavsberg Bersa dish Rock Mountains 32.00
Row 3: Burl table 850.00 Cow hide 259.00 Table lighter 35.00
Row 4: Staghorn Fern 50.00 Kilim Pillow 75.55 Safari Chair
Row 5: DIY Pipe shelving Clock 63.75 Modern Architecture book 49.95
Row 6: Case study planter 189.00 Kaj Frank bowl 90.00 Bench 525.00

Just stumbling through the day

22 Mar

300.00 El Dorado hills
A whole lotta’ wood.

30.00 in Loomis
I guess this is a reading light.

350.00 Roseville
Coffee table and end table set!

150.00 Auburn
Newer type desk but still in pretty teak.

900.00 in Lake Tahoe
Two eggy chairs. Still too rich for my blood but boy are these a neat thing to oogle.

135.00 in Auburn
Cabinet doors slide side to side.

60.00 in Sacramento
Good lil’ price for this comfy chair.

350.00 in Sacramento
I like it because it is so shiny. So very shiny.

150.00 in Sacramento
I want this chair so bad I can feel it in my bones. My bones are shaking! I was pursuing it but then my husband says he wants the Acapulco chair! WHAT!!!! He been saying for the past 6 months how awkward an uncomfortable that thing looks. GLORY DAYS! We are going to get an Acapulco….I am still getting a safari like chair…but will wait until I get more room. I already have three chairs stuffed in my lil’ storage shed and I don’t think nothing else can fit in there.

250.00 Folsom
One day I would like to have enough room in my house to put a hope chest at the end of my bed. That would just be marvelous.

75.00 in Lake Tahoe
Not a bad price for the size!

Walnut slabs! YES PLEASE! Throw some hairpin legs on these guys and you are good to go.

175.00 in Sacramento
Big ol’ arc lamp.

60.00 Sacramento
I dubb this desk ‘lil’ tough stuff.’

I am so in love with this bed frame. I love it! I love it so much. It’s big though and wont fit in my car. I need to get a truck or something and go fetch him. I have intentions of buying this but no ability. So…begrudgingly I put it here because maybe ya’ll will love it too. Also, peep that eames chair in the back. Doesn’t that look enticing! EH? EH? *sniffles

10.00 in Carmicheal
No arms but ten bucks!!!

Monday finds

19 Mar

Craigslist looking pretty bleak these days folks :\

50.00 San Francisco
“Eames style” chair. Not real but a cheap enough replica to seal the deal.

2500.00 in Carmicheal
This is some serious Burl for some serious dough. It’s 9 foot long by 4 feet wide! Where’d this thing come from? Grandmother Willow?

I included this image just in case you are pre 90’s child or were with out child in the 90’s. Somewhere out there there is some ancient talking tree stripped of his burls.

100.00 in Oakland
Once I found one of these guys thrifting. He was orange. It was turned upside down so I couldn’t figure out what it was. Sometimes I can not be so smart.  I kept thinking ‘orange Aquarium? WTH?’ When I got home I realized it was an end table and had an OH DOH moment.

250.00 San Jose
It’s Ikea but ya’ know it looks like it would belong in someone’s groovy mod party den.

35.00 Noe Valley
Arms! It has arms!

75.00 Concord

125.00 Soma
Crazy heat lamp. It doesn’t appear to be working. I wonder if you could put it outside on a porch and it would make the outside area a little warmer? Hm.

95.00 in Gilroy
Simple cute end tables for a decent little price.

45.00 Berkley
These Japanese stacking tables are super neat :
Top is a white with Pressed Ferns, Grasses and Butterflys, and white and silver metallic threads…”
That’s neat right?!

175.00 in Moraga

125.00 Oakland
Vintage Sam Avedon Chair for Aladdin from the 1960’s <—- I am pasting that into this post because I never knew these chairs had a name. I’ll be honest 125.00 for this chair kinda frusterates me. Mainly because I have no idea what this chair is about and have seen them several times just kinda thrown about. Specifically by my parents. I’ve even seen on etsy people charge ridiculous amounts for this chair. Like amounts I would think big designer names should go for. I need to do some investigating about this. Stay tuned for that guys. I am on the case!

50.00 in Berkely
I like the way these legs attach to the top!

350.00 in Mill Valley
I am really into this guy and his glass circle in the middle!

60.00 in Bernal Heights
The top is veneer and has some damage…if you’re willing to work with that then hey-o here is your new desk :]

Going south

15 Mar

I’ve been doing a lot of family research lately and have been really surprised by the history of my biological mother’s family. A lot of them are from Southern California and Las Vegas. Having this information has made me want to do ton’s of research about Las Vegas, and how it came about. I wouldn’t be following true to my nature if I didn’t poke around that craigslist for some teak sweets! Towards the end of my search I ended up in San Diego.  I dont know how that happened but I guess that’s how the internet works. You click here, you click there, and next thing you know you are in a whole nother city with neat things to look at. Internet I love you!

449.00 in Las Vegas
Seller states that this is a German 1940’s bedroom set. By the looks of the pictures the pieces could use some refinishing. I fancy this set because of how manly it looks.

50.00 in Las Vegas
This set is an 80’s jam. I am down with it. Not everything from the 80’s was terrible!

30.00 in Las Vegas
Simple little table with a whole lot of character.

30.00 Las Vegas
This chair has like two tops to it.

80.00 in Las Vegas
You may have noticed there has been an increase of drafting tables in my posts. I dont think I’ll ever get one but man oh man do I search for them everyday.

60.00 Las Vegas
Needs some fixing but that shelf at the bottom seems all kindsa useful.

I have no idea where Flamingo is. I am assuming it’s in Las Vegas. I should have just put Las Vegas as the where abouts of this piece but man oh man I could NOT pass up writing Flamingo down as a destination. I capitalized it and everything. I really hope that this place, this Flamingo place has a giant freaking pink bird statue in the center of some major street. Matterfact I hope there is a whole bunch of Flamingos all over that place.

Brass cedar chest!!! OH MY. Thanks Flamingo!

350.00 San Diego
Grey couches are my new favorite thing.

100.00 Santa Barbara
Orange Kartell stool is for Serene.

249.00 San Diego
Those nobbs and those drawers OMG. So good looking.

1050.00 San Diego
Yeah 1050.00 is a high price. I cant even fathom it but I dont care. I really dont. I can’t be apart of no blog that doesn’t show the Papa Bear chair at least once. Just cant go for that.

75.00 San Diego
Man I dig these guys. They kinda gaudy but thats cool with me. I am down with gaudy.

85.00 San Diego
So many times I run into these chairs without any arms. Why they do that. Why they make this chair with no arms? People need resting places for their arms. I know after a hard day of internettig the one thing I want to do is rest my arms up on something. Looking at wolf videos can be tough work guys! More arm rests on computer chairs!

Bay area picks

14 Mar

30.00 in Carmicheal
Not all these finds are bay area but most are. Ranging from high prices to sorta high.

60.00 in Rosevile
These are old and useless. BOY DO THEY LOOK NICE.

625.00 Bay area
Hair pin legs on salvaged wood is such a neat idea and could be relatively inexpensive. For those of you into DIY projects check out etsy for hairpin legs. For us um lazies, here is a table already done and ready to go!

699.00 in Danville
End table and coffee table set is pricey yet saucy.
…. …. ….
I am so sorry that I used the word saucy to describe this furniture. Oh man.
I need more descriptive words in my vocabulary. Saucy. Man I can’t believe I just wrote that.

480.00 in Hayward
I love bar carts!

395.00 in Oakland
Spendy 9×5 Persian rug is sure spendy but sure is bootiful. That red would look pretty awesome with some teak wood.

80.00 in Carmicheal
I dont understand why places like Target or Walmart dont sell furniture like this. It seems like something that could be relatively  inexpensive to make? Year 2012: More good lookin’ things  in everyday places!

275.00 in SF
One day I will own one of these chairs.

250.00 in Modesto
Man. I am pulling up all kindsa spendy things.

65.00 in Folsom
This guy is cutttttte.

75.00 in SF
Not an Eames hang it all but neat and a good idur. Buy some of those janky coat racks at the thrift store and put yourself some wood balls on the top. Matterfact I am finna try that out guys. Stay tuned for future Git’r done project.

100.00 in Hayes Valley
Seller has a couple of other items listed in their post. Click the link to see if any of those other items are to your liking.

150.00 in SF
AH SNAP AH SNAP. I do enjoy weaved seats and rocking chairs. COMBINED. I am on like cloud nine.

175.00 in Berkley
Hanging light got some shape and color to it.

70.00 San Bruno
It’s an ironing board that actually looks neat!

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