Sacramento I love you

12 Mar

80.00 Sacramento
60 for the drafting table and 20 for the chair.

40.00 Sacramento
I can not figure out what the hell is going on with the price on that tall dresser. I dunno. Sometimes things get really confusing on craigslist and it frusterates me in an unreasonable way. Check out the post and see if you can figure out what’s going on.

50.00 in Roseville
I got a brass obsession. Some of you hate it.

75.00 in Antelope
For those of you that enjoy making sweet tunes and keepin’ things modern.

20.00 in Sacramento

150.00 Sacramento
150 is a lil too spendy for my blood and those stools are a weird combination…the table looks promising though. Maybe the seller will give you a deal if the only thing you want is that table? Meh? Heh? Nah? What?

75.00 in Sacramento
Nice lookin’ walnut table with a good color too it!

160.00 in Vacaville
The title of this picture is “sweet stools”. It’s true and only because of that sweet fabric.

20.00 in Sacramento


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