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Favorite things: Happy birthday Serene!

13 Mar

It is our blog mate Serene’s birfday today!
Serene has been an important part of our blog and a dear friend to each of us, so
this list was made up of things we thought she would enjoy!
Animal stuff, sleep inducing thangs, designer products we wish we could give
to her, and thingsthat would help Serene live up that rest and relaxation lifestyle she has going on.
ZZZZ lifestyle turned up ALL THE WAY TURNT UP.
We hope she has a wonderful day full of all her favorite things and people.

Row 1: Rastmatto Pillow case 38.00 Finn Juhl Sofa Urmanoff wine rack 499.00
Row 2: Midcentury Flashcards 25.00 Tea Pot 125.00 Paul Mccobb dish set 75.00
Row 3: Temporama Bar set 50.00 Condiment set 21.00 Floor Lamp 99.00
Row 4: Geometric Ring 69.00 George Nelson Clock 350.00 Rocking chair 1295.00
Row 5: Hedgehog Lint brush 125.00 Planter 36.00 Tub Caddy 130.00
Row 6: Tissue Holder 39.00 Sleepy Lavender Bath Bombs 11.25 Journal set 13.20

Happy Birthday Serene!!!

13 Mar

We <3 you!

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