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Bay area picks

14 Mar

30.00 in Carmicheal
Not all these finds are bay area but most are. Ranging from high prices to sorta high.

60.00 in Rosevile
These are old and useless. BOY DO THEY LOOK NICE.

625.00 Bay area
Hair pin legs on salvaged wood is such a neat idea and could be relatively inexpensive. For those of you into DIY projects check out etsy for hairpin legs. For us um lazies, here is a table already done and ready to go!

699.00 in Danville
End table and coffee table set is pricey yet saucy.
…. …. ….
I am so sorry that I used the word saucy to describe this furniture. Oh man.
I need more descriptive words in my vocabulary. Saucy. Man I can’t believe I just wrote that.

480.00 in Hayward
I love bar carts!

395.00 in Oakland
Spendy 9×5 Persian rug is sure spendy but sure is bootiful. That red would look pretty awesome with some teak wood.

80.00 in Carmicheal
I dont understand why places like Target or Walmart dont sell furniture like this. It seems like something that could be relatively  inexpensive to make? Year 2012: More good lookin’ things  in everyday places!

275.00 in SF
One day I will own one of these chairs.

250.00 in Modesto
Man. I am pulling up all kindsa spendy things.

65.00 in Folsom
This guy is cutttttte.

75.00 in SF
Not an Eames hang it all but neat and a good idur. Buy some of those janky coat racks at the thrift store and put yourself some wood balls on the top. Matterfact I am finna try that out guys. Stay tuned for future Git’r done project.

100.00 in Hayes Valley
Seller has a couple of other items listed in their post. Click the link to see if any of those other items are to your liking.

150.00 in SF
AH SNAP AH SNAP. I do enjoy weaved seats and rocking chairs. COMBINED. I am on like cloud nine.

175.00 in Berkley
Hanging light got some shape and color to it.

70.00 San Bruno
It’s an ironing board that actually looks neat!

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