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Going south

15 Mar

I’ve been doing a lot of family research lately and have been really surprised by the history of my biological mother’s family. A lot of them are from Southern California and Las Vegas. Having this information has made me want to do ton’s of research about Las Vegas, and how it came about. I wouldn’t be following true to my nature if I didn’t poke around that craigslist for some teak sweets! Towards the end of my search I ended up in San Diego.  I dont know how that happened but I guess that’s how the internet works. You click here, you click there, and next thing you know you are in a whole nother city with neat things to look at. Internet I love you!

449.00 in Las Vegas
Seller states that this is a German 1940’s bedroom set. By the looks of the pictures the pieces could use some refinishing. I fancy this set because of how manly it looks.

50.00 in Las Vegas
This set is an 80’s jam. I am down with it. Not everything from the 80’s was terrible!

30.00 in Las Vegas
Simple little table with a whole lot of character.

30.00 Las Vegas
This chair has like two tops to it.

80.00 in Las Vegas
You may have noticed there has been an increase of drafting tables in my posts. I dont think I’ll ever get one but man oh man do I search for them everyday.

60.00 Las Vegas
Needs some fixing but that shelf at the bottom seems all kindsa useful.

I have no idea where Flamingo is. I am assuming it’s in Las Vegas. I should have just put Las Vegas as the where abouts of this piece but man oh man I could NOT pass up writing Flamingo down as a destination. I capitalized it and everything. I really hope that this place, this Flamingo place has a giant freaking pink bird statue in the center of some major street. Matterfact I hope there is a whole bunch of Flamingos all over that place.

Brass cedar chest!!! OH MY. Thanks Flamingo!

350.00 San Diego
Grey couches are my new favorite thing.

100.00 Santa Barbara
Orange Kartell stool is for Serene.

249.00 San Diego
Those nobbs and those drawers OMG. So good looking.

1050.00 San Diego
Yeah 1050.00 is a high price. I cant even fathom it but I dont care. I really dont. I can’t be apart of no blog that doesn’t show the Papa Bear chair at least once. Just cant go for that.

75.00 San Diego
Man I dig these guys. They kinda gaudy but thats cool with me. I am down with gaudy.

85.00 San Diego
So many times I run into these chairs without any arms. Why they do that. Why they make this chair with no arms? People need resting places for their arms. I know after a hard day of internettig the one thing I want to do is rest my arms up on something. Looking at wolf videos can be tough work guys! More arm rests on computer chairs!

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