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Monday finds

19 Mar

Craigslist looking pretty bleak these days folks :\

50.00 San Francisco
“Eames style” chair. Not real but a cheap enough replica to seal the deal.

2500.00 in Carmicheal
This is some serious Burl for some serious dough. It’s 9 foot long by 4 feet wide! Where’d this thing come from? Grandmother Willow?

I included this image just in case you are pre 90’s child or were with out child in the 90’s. Somewhere out there there is some ancient talking tree stripped of his burls.

100.00 in Oakland
Once I found one of these guys thrifting. He was orange. It was turned upside down so I couldn’t figure out what it was. Sometimes I can not be so smart.  I kept thinking ‘orange Aquarium? WTH?’ When I got home I realized it was an end table and had an OH DOH moment.

250.00 San Jose
It’s Ikea but ya’ know it looks like it would belong in someone’s groovy mod party den.

35.00 Noe Valley
Arms! It has arms!

75.00 Concord

125.00 Soma
Crazy heat lamp. It doesn’t appear to be working. I wonder if you could put it outside on a porch and it would make the outside area a little warmer? Hm.

95.00 in Gilroy
Simple cute end tables for a decent little price.

45.00 Berkley
These Japanese stacking tables are super neat :
Top is a white with Pressed Ferns, Grasses and Butterflys, and white and silver metallic threads…”
That’s neat right?!

175.00 in Moraga

125.00 Oakland
Vintage Sam Avedon Chair for Aladdin from the 1960’s <—- I am pasting that into this post because I never knew these chairs had a name. I’ll be honest 125.00 for this chair kinda frusterates me. Mainly because I have no idea what this chair is about and have seen them several times just kinda thrown about. Specifically by my parents. I’ve even seen on etsy people charge ridiculous amounts for this chair. Like amounts I would think big designer names should go for. I need to do some investigating about this. Stay tuned for that guys. I am on the case!

50.00 in Berkely
I like the way these legs attach to the top!

350.00 in Mill Valley
I am really into this guy and his glass circle in the middle!

60.00 in Bernal Heights
The top is veneer and has some damage…if you’re willing to work with that then hey-o here is your new desk :]

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