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Blockhouse Modern sale just for Mimomito!

22 Mar

Blockhouse Modern, a dealer space in Scout Living, will be discounting items on Saturday SPECIFICALLY for Mimomito Cocktail Party guests! Don’t forget to RSVP to the party on Facebook!

Favorite things: Number five

22 Mar

Row 1: Women in history glasses 14.00 Cabinet 325.00 Portrait 52.00
Row 2: Chandelier 319.00 Gustavsberg Bersa dish Rock Mountains 32.00
Row 3: Burl table 850.00 Cow hide 259.00 Table lighter 35.00
Row 4: Staghorn Fern 50.00 Kilim Pillow 75.55 Safari Chair
Row 5: DIY Pipe shelving Clock 63.75 Modern Architecture book 49.95
Row 6: Case study planter 189.00 Kaj Frank bowl 90.00 Bench 525.00

Just stumbling through the day

22 Mar

300.00 El Dorado hills
A whole lotta’ wood.

30.00 in Loomis
I guess this is a reading light.

350.00 Roseville
Coffee table and end table set!

150.00 Auburn
Newer type desk but still in pretty teak.

900.00 in Lake Tahoe
Two eggy chairs. Still too rich for my blood but boy are these a neat thing to oogle.

135.00 in Auburn
Cabinet doors slide side to side.

60.00 in Sacramento
Good lil’ price for this comfy chair.

350.00 in Sacramento
I like it because it is so shiny. So very shiny.

150.00 in Sacramento
I want this chair so bad I can feel it in my bones. My bones are shaking! I was pursuing it but then my husband says he wants the Acapulco chair! WHAT!!!! He been saying for the past 6 months how awkward an uncomfortable that thing looks. GLORY DAYS! We are going to get an Acapulco….I am still getting a safari like chair…but will wait until I get more room. I already have three chairs stuffed in my lil’ storage shed and I don’t think nothing else can fit in there.

250.00 Folsom
One day I would like to have enough room in my house to put a hope chest at the end of my bed. That would just be marvelous.

75.00 in Lake Tahoe
Not a bad price for the size!

Walnut slabs! YES PLEASE! Throw some hairpin legs on these guys and you are good to go.

175.00 in Sacramento
Big ol’ arc lamp.

60.00 Sacramento
I dubb this desk ‘lil’ tough stuff.’

I am so in love with this bed frame. I love it! I love it so much. It’s big though and wont fit in my car. I need to get a truck or something and go fetch him. I have intentions of buying this but no ability. So…begrudgingly I put it here because maybe ya’ll will love it too. Also, peep that eames chair in the back. Doesn’t that look enticing! EH? EH? *sniffles

10.00 in Carmicheal
No arms but ten bucks!!!

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