Oh great. It’s Monday.

26 Mar

400.00 Reno
A quick pick me up post for our monday blues.

200.00 San Bruno
The detail on this guy is amazing.

120.00 Santa Rosa
Simple table with a convenient glass top.

150.00 Glenn Park
Put a base on this guy and you are good to go. I know guys. What else are you going to do sans base for a chair?

250.00 Danville
Herro bootiful!!

480.00 San Francisco
That star. That star is bright, shiny, and wonderful.

85.00 San Franciso
Crazy crazy lamp.

50.00 Los Gatos
Marble top is a nice little touch to bring into a living room.

25.00 Reno
I dunno how I feel about this chair. I like the price but I still dont know about it. Seems like something that may be really rad if you checked it out in person. Sometimes pictures are deceiving.

325.00 San Francisco
I imagine sitting in these guys is like being in your own personal hammock. I am pretty fond of hammocks.

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