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Lots of lots

26 Apr

59.00 in Rocklin
This guy posts on Craigslist all the time. Some of the stuff is a lil rough and dude is always using this meme looking format. I dunno even know. These prints look pretty cool though. Give em’ a once over if you think you’re finna buy them.

50.00 Rocklin
Seller is playing a record right now and it works great!

40.00 Sacramento
Man, treal talk. I am into the luggage noise. I mean I dont want a ton of that nonsense…but if you had them used as under the bed storage…or maybe stored your throw blankets in there. MMMHM.

125.00 Sacramento
I been adding burl wood tables in each one of my posts! How insane. I need to stop but I cant. I just love them so much.

185.00 Sacramento
This guy is still available.

95.00 Arden
This chair is pretty cool ANNNNNNNND it swivels.

50.00 Sacramento
This thing is kinda torn up…actaully it is torn up. The most obvious tear is the gash on one of the cushions…maybe you could just get that one reupholstered? Maybe for the price it’s being sold it would be worth it?  I dunno. I cant make any good decisions. I just look for stuff.

59.00 in Rancho Cardova
I got one of these chairs. Mine is orange. It’s a really great chair to use for standing on and nearly cracking your head open.

80.00 Sacramento
Ohhhhhhhhh hi!

20.00 in Rocklin
Lil bean! Hide all your snacks in here!

100.00 Sacramento
Yeah. We are getting to the late 70’s mess. My husband is totally not into it. I am forever a lone and I totally dig this cokey dreams set. I love how fabulous this guy is suppose to be. Brass legs, smoked glass, velvet seats! MMMMMMMHM. This set is such a 70’s avaitor wearing, perm getting doosh bag.

60.00 Sacrmento
Prolly Ikea, but whatevs. If you dont want the chairs ask him if he’ll part that stuff out.

35.00 Arden
Hair pin legs!!!

Dresser sets for Kristin!

24 Apr

Got a message from Kristin asking if we had come across any dresser sets, well, here is what she was looking for exactly,

I’m looking for a dresser set, midcentury either refinished or possibly painted with a gloss finish in some fun color (I’m not picky). I found a set on Etsy that I love but the shop owner quoted me $500 for shipping which is ridiculous.

I’ve gathered posts from Sacramento down to San Jose (Kristin lives in SF, so she can easily get to both!) so for her, and your, viewing pleasure here are my finds. There’s more than enough to go around.

$300.00 Heywood Wakefield set in Santa Clara

Pair of hand-made vintage dressers for $400.00 in SF

Heywood Wakefield set for $200.00 in San Jose

Set in Santa Cruz for $299.00

$480.00 in San Jose for all these fabulous things!

three piece set in Soquel (?) for $380.00

$100 for both amazing looking pieces in San Jose

Unfortunately this guy is missing two nobs, but a great price at $100!

Painted white dresser for $400 in Santa Rosa

$425.00 in West Sac. I love these hidden drawer highboys.

Its a monday

23 Apr

50.00 in North Highlands
Another one of these wackkkkkky chairs.

600.00 Bedroom set in Vacaville
Holy SMOKES! Two night stands, headboard, highboy…MAN. Ye!!!

20.00 Sacramento
Love the function of these guys! All swivelly and convenient.

150.00 Grassy Valley
Oh hey burly table!!! Lookin’ good burly table! Yeah you know.

40.00 Grass Valley
Not Sure if they are Thonets, but for forty bucks, it’s close enough for me.

Homes, Sweet Homes: Julian

23 Apr

Who was nice enough to show us around: Julian of Mid Century Mobler. If you haven’t checked out his amazing stuff, please do so at either or Past Perfect on Lombard in San Francisco.

 What they told us about their home: 2 bed/ 1 bath apartment with a very desirable location.

 Where is the home located: Mission, San Francisco, California

When was the home built and when they moved in: The complex was built in 1905 and was destroyed in the great earthquake in 1906. It was rebuilt in 1915 and Julian moved in August 2008.

Why they chose this home: He wanted to live in the Mission area and conveniently his uncle happened to own this building.

Photos by Jake Conroy

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What attracted you to MCM design?

The first thing that attracted me to mid century design was old cars.  In high school, I bought a 1958 Pontiac Starchief that was a total piece.  You could acually see into the car from the outside from all the holes in the roof.   But I fixed it up, got it running.  I loved everything about that car.  The headliner had little stars imprinted in it.  Everything was covered in chrome.  There were little compartments and knobs and switches and pointless accessories you could add on to it.  And I think that’s why I became so attracted to other elements of design from that era: furniture, architecture, etc.  There was this unique opulence and hope that’s reflected in all design of the late 1950’s/early 1960’s.  It seemed like a time when anything was possible.  We were going to space, anyone could live the American dream, everything was going to great.

Favorite designers and biggest influences for your style?

I like organic design, but I also like things that are one of a kind, so I tend to lean more towards designers like Adrian Pearsall, who melded modern and atomic design in interesting ways.  I’m a big fan of the space race, so any kind of design that’s reflective of that tends to grab my attention.  As far as Danish designers go, I love the organic nature of anything by Kurt Ostervig or Arne Vodder.

How do you feel about reproductions?

I think reproductions are great for the person that wants the look of an original piece without the paying as much, but you can’t beat an original.  Personally, I only keep original pieces in my collection, since you just can’t match the patina or history with a reproduction.  I like knowing that everything in my place has a past, and you can see that in the small nicks and dings on every piece.  It feels good to own a piece of history like that.

Furniture wise, what do you think is something you should invest in?

I’d love to own a pair of Papa Bear or Chieftan chairs someday.  Families that bought these originally knew they were getting them as an investment of sorts, since they weren’t cheap when they were new.  The kids and grandkids who are inheriting those chairs know what they’re worth, and are holding on to them, so they’re getting a lot harder to find.  I think any substantial designer piece will be a good investment for the future.



Where are your favorite places to shop for home décor?

My favorite places to shop are estate sales and flea markets.  You can usually get a pretty good deal on quality stuff, and you never know what you’re going to find.  Part of the fun is walking into a time warp estate sale, where the original owners bought everything new in the early 1960’s, and never changed anything out.  I’ve been to a few of those before, and usually end up buying everything in the entire house.

What are some of your best finds? From where?

One of my best finds is my corner teak bar unit, which I found on Craigslist.  The owner who had it lived in Santa Cruz, and had it listed as a “wood cabinet”.  I could barely make out what it was from the picture, but I took a chance and drove out there to pick it up.  It needed a lot of work, but cleaned up really nicely.  It’s a unique piece, and was blown away when I actually saw it in person.  It’s now the centerpiece of my dining room.

My favorite piece is probably my Adrian Pearsall for Craft Associates couch.  It wasn’t much of a find, since one of my friends bought it at Alameda from another dealer to resell it.  When he brought it back to his booth, I couldn’t reach for my wallet fast enough, since I’d been looking for that exact couch for 3 years.  It’s still got the original wacky floral back cushions and red wool upholstery on it, along with the original Craft Associates tags.

Greatest achievement in your home? Biggest challenge?

I think the greatest achievement as well as the biggest challenge was just getting the place furnished.  I wanted to create a space that looked like it was straight out of 1960 that a swanky bachelor with a lot of $ put together.  As a dealer, I come across a LOT of stuff, but since it was kind of a specific look, it took at least 2 years to really get everything together, and there’s still pieces I’m looking for.

Another big challenge was figuring out where to put the sound system in the living room.  I didn’t want speakers sitting on top of anything, or visible wires anywhere, so I spent a lot of time mounting each main speaker to a corner of the room.  I wired everything around the crown moulding, stuffed a sub woofer under the couch, linked everything back in to the 1970’s JVC globe speakers and receiver for the record player on my small buffet, then wired everything into the main surround sound receiver in my big credenza, so no matter if you’re playing a record, ipod, or a movie, the whole room gets the surround treatment, which is a nice touch.


Future goals/ projects?

I’m going to sound like everyone else saying this, but I’d love to own and restore Eichler someday in Marin with a 1958 Desoto Firedome parked in the driveway.  I live in a beautiful Victorian era building right now, but I’d like to have a space that houses everything inside it to match.

Do you have any home inspiration recommendations for our readers?

My best piece of advice for anyone wanting to fix their place up in mid century would be to go slowly.  A lot of people want to have everything in place all at once, but finding pieces you really love takes time.  A coffee table and a couch are a good place to start.  Your tv can always sit on top of that awesome glass and grey laminate CRT Ikea stand you’ve had since college until you find a credenza that fits the room.

Another recommendation I have is to keep it clean.  It’s easy to collect a lot of junk and put it everywhere in your place, but if you can stick to a particular look and keep it refined, you’re going to enjoy living in it a whole lot more.

Advice and last words?

My best piece of advice is, if you see a piece you love, get it! I’ve come across a lot of stuff that I think is out of my budget for the time, and I always regret not buying it.  Always go with your gut when you see something you don’t think you can live without.

Thanks Julian. You rule!

If you’re interested in having your home featured on the blog, shoot me an e-mail at:

A quick one real quick

19 Apr

100.00 Sacramento
Long table is long!

50.00 Benicia
For three!

75.00 Sacramento
Could be neat


140.00 Vacaville
Kidney shape!

Working for the weekend

19 Apr

10.00 in Roseville
Awe snap! Brass and wood! Yes prease!

200.00 in Berkley
Man. If I was in the Bay area I’d be on this leather sofa like white on rice.

10.00 Sacramento
Needs some work on the leather.
110.00 in Antelope
Ooooo darkness!

50.00 in Chico
Boxy green goodness.

275.00 Sacramento
For the whole thing!!!?!!! Yes please!

50.00 Grass Valley
Those little hot pink accents are kinda growing on me.

60.00 in Hathway Pines
I love you burl table!

200.00 in Oroville
Sunny yellow kitchen table and chairs. Pretty neat.

650.00 Stockton
This thing is BOSS.

475.00 Stockton
Looks like this is from the same seller. I lubb the floating top!

50.00 in River Pines
I am trying to decide whether or not I really like this thing or really hate it. I am leaning towards this guy having potential.

Got my 70’s glam on

11 Apr

350.00 in North Natomas
I do love me some Bertoia!

250.00 in Oakland
Big ol’ orange couch for loungin’ about.

185.00 Elk Grove
LUBB the hardware on this guy.

45.00 in Colfax
There is another one of these guys up for grabs at nearly double the price!

400.00 Genoa
Clock and table package. Man oh man the color of this wood is pretty neat.

50.00 Roseville
Price is for two of these guys! One of them needs the top to be solder back on. Which could be really easy if you have the tool to do that.

This is a desk, end table, coffee table combo. All the pieces are priced seperate.
-Desk $100
-Coffee table $75
-Side table with drawer $45
Click the link to peep the coffee table.

20.00 Reno
Boxy dude comes at a good price!

175.00 El Dorado Hills
I love you tension pole lamps! I really do.

100.00 Arden Fair Mall
Not a bad price for this piece that is located close by us midtown folk.

75.00 Paradise
This picture is intense!

1500.00 Woodland
Super spendy desk and bookcase is sure neat looking.

150.00 Sacramento
I know. What the shnip is this? It’s a hella old heater. Seller states that the company still makes the parts to get this guy up and running. I dunno. Might wanna research that yourself fo’ you go pick that dude up. If you did get it working though. Man. You’d be pretty legit in my book. This thing is bad dudes. Bad like real good classy.

90.00 Rosevile
Ah snap this guy is shiny.

100.00 Granite Bay
I love me some animal decor.

175.00 Rocklin
I titled my post 70’s glam because I was gonna be including these wicker tables in my post.
I know some of you are not fans. That’s ok. We all got are preferences. If you’re into that Boho, earthy, midcentury deal though…this one is for you.

20.00 Paradise
I think the price on these dudes has dropped. Two for twenty. Not bad!

200.00 Oroville
I really do love these tables. I think I’ve said that like a million times on this blog. Just in case you forgot…I love them.

25.00 Sacramento
Cheap lil’ flannel sofa with a tear at the base. I’ve flirted with the idea of owning a sofa like this. I kinda been fearful of it cuz my husband always wears flannels. One day he’s finna be sitting on that couch and he’s gonna go chameleon on me and I will loose him! He’ll be outta sight and nowhere to be found. No thanks flannel couch! I need my husband. If this isn’t an issue for you then I say go for this cheap lil’ bean!! He’s cheap!

Tuesday goods!

10 Apr

$150.00 coffee table with “sparkly glass tiles.” Oh my! For sale in Berkeley.

Radical coffee/side table for $40 in San Francisco!!

Probably some sort of 70’s or 80’s office furniture, but it’s a big round table for $75.00 here in Sacramento!

It kind of feels like I’m looking at a sittable smore chair. Graham crackers, chocolate and toasted marshmellow furniture for $150.00 Elk Grove.

Really fabulous Danish table with 6 chairs for only $200.00! Located in Rocklin.

This poor guy is not selling well. From in price $150, it’s now listed at $500.

Six drawer dresser for $80.00 in Midtown. Solid wood and nice legs? We like you.

Not the seller’s photo – but says it is an original Bibendum Chair from the 60’s or 70’s. Selling for $380.00 here in Sac.

Arc lamp for $180.00 in Elk Grove

Aww, that’s a cute little hutch. $150.00 in Sonoma.

BIG BIG SPUTNIK! $350.00 in Elk Grove.

Weird retro medical cabinet for TRADE or $380.00!?

We just love it when people put up ads with no price. Jerks. These are available at Midway Antique Mall.

THIS IS CRAIGSLIST, Y’ALL. I mean, it’s a beautiful desk – and you ARE throwing in the matching credenza. But $1500? We’re in a recession, people!

Midtown apartment lost in the 60’s

9 Apr

625.00 1525 22ND STREET at P STREET
It isn’t often that one comes across apartments in midtown that have  kept their 60 or 70’s charm. This guy has it! All that avocado goodness! MAH. Post states that this is a one bedroom studio with a huge walk in closet upstairs upstairs. Which I am totally unable to understand what that means or looks like. Bah.
Also. LOL. Peep that swag lamp!!! I bet that thing needs a really good washing!

List#6: Manly man

5 Apr

This list is for dudes.I dont know if I did a good job cuz for sure I am no dude but I tried my darndest to pick things dudes might like.

Row 1: Porcelain Beaver 150.00 Burl Clock 48.00 Hesterberg Table 1395.00
Row2: Serving set 30.00 Double Butter table Grasp Bowl 35.00
Row 3: 1970 Chandelier 485.00 Sofa 1700.00 Lindberg cards 40.00
Row 4: Shelving System 1147.00 Man soap 17.00 Barcardi by Patrick Marasso
Row 5: Molecular Model 40.00 Bertoia Lounge 720.00 Candle Holder 118.00
Row 6: Agate coasters 24.00 Hanging Planter 68.00 Cocktail Glassware 12.00

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