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Get your galoshes on – time for a flood.

3 Apr

I sourced up A LOT of stuff for y’all today. I didn’t put the normal price cap/restriction on my search, so here it all is. Cheap and .. the completely un-cheap. All for your perusing pleasure.

$600.00 Arthur Umanoff wine rack with leather strapping.

Newer than we like.. but not a bad shape and price. $60.00 in Antelope.

$50.00 in Folsom for this great little side table with glass.

GIVE ME A SECOND HERE FOLKS – I suggest this to those of you that live in the Bat Cave, a concrete structure, or honestly have a huge pool that needs more ridiculous stucco features. $500.00 for three pieces in Elk Grove.

$350.00 for this bar and two stools in Rocklin. Pretty good condition, y’all!

$650.00 for this GIGANTIC dog-approved buffet in Manteca.

I love this set so much! A completely ridiculous price though for a laminate table. $700.00 in Loomis.

Selig swivel lounge chair for $350.00 in Citrus heights. Looks like sucka needs some upholstery helpin’!

Two Herman Miller shell chairs for $450.00 in land parrrrk!

Room and Board sofa for $500.00 in Davis with a vintage shape!

Lil’ table with four chairs for $445.00.

Two totally weird awesome molded plastic chairs for $600.00.

$25.00 sofa at Dianna’s Estate Liquidation on Watt.

$175.00 arc lamp wit’ dat marble base.

Mid century day bed with awesome removeable back cushions for max’ stretchin’. $200.00 in Davis.

$1500 Kopenhaven wall system that is.. just friggin’ amazing. I think also not a terrible price for a non-wall mounted unit! Located in Modesto.

Matching weird lil’ end tables for only $75.00 in Land Park.

I love the Mainline by Hooker desks – I love their drawer pulls. This one is $150.00 in Watsonville.

A whole load of retro office chairs for $25 each!

YIKES. They’re ugly to begin with – and this one is BEAT! That’s why it is only $30, I guess.

Completely nutzo bedroom set for $750.00 in Jackson. I’m sorry – it’s just so silly and ridiculous I had to share.

This sucker needs to drop in price so I can have it! $60.00.

$200.00!? That’s a great price for this awesome set of table of and chairs in Chico.

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