List#6: Manly man

5 Apr

This list is for dudes.I dont know if I did a good job cuz for sure I am no dude but I tried my darndest to pick things dudes might like.

Row 1: Porcelain Beaver 150.00 Burl Clock 48.00 Hesterberg Table 1395.00
Row2: Serving set 30.00 Double Butter table Grasp Bowl 35.00
Row 3: 1970 Chandelier 485.00 Sofa 1700.00 Lindberg cards 40.00
Row 4: Shelving System 1147.00 Man soap 17.00 Barcardi by Patrick Marasso
Row 5: Molecular Model 40.00 Bertoia Lounge 720.00 Candle Holder 118.00
Row 6: Agate coasters 24.00 Hanging Planter 68.00 Cocktail Glassware 12.00

One Response to “List#6: Manly man”

  1. Kevin April 5, 2012 at 3:59 pm #

    You only forgot boobs and alcohol. :)

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