Tuesday goods!

10 Apr

$150.00 coffee table with “sparkly glass tiles.” Oh my! For sale in Berkeley.

Radical coffee/side table for $40 in San Francisco!!

Probably some sort of 70’s or 80’s office furniture, but it’s a big round table for $75.00 here in Sacramento!

It kind of feels like I’m looking at a sittable smore chair. Graham crackers, chocolate and toasted marshmellow furniture for $150.00 Elk Grove.

Really fabulous Danish table with 6 chairs for only $200.00! Located in Rocklin.

This poor guy is not selling well. From in price $150, it’s now listed at $500.

Six drawer dresser for $80.00 in Midtown. Solid wood and nice legs? We like you.

Not the seller’s photo – but says it is an original Bibendum Chair from the 60’s or 70’s. Selling for $380.00 here in Sac.

Arc lamp for $180.00 in Elk Grove

Aww, that’s a cute little hutch. $150.00 in Sonoma.

BIG BIG SPUTNIK! $350.00 in Elk Grove.

Weird retro medical cabinet for TRADE or $380.00!?

We just love it when people put up ads with no price. Jerks. These are available at Midway Antique Mall.

THIS IS CRAIGSLIST, Y’ALL. I mean, it’s a beautiful desk – and you ARE throwing in the matching credenza. But $1500? We’re in a recession, people!


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