Got my 70’s glam on

11 Apr

350.00 in North Natomas
I do love me some Bertoia!

250.00 in Oakland
Big ol’ orange couch for loungin’ about.

185.00 Elk Grove
LUBB the hardware on this guy.

45.00 in Colfax
There is another one of these guys up for grabs at nearly double the price!

400.00 Genoa
Clock and table package. Man oh man the color of this wood is pretty neat.

50.00 Roseville
Price is for two of these guys! One of them needs the top to be solder back on. Which could be really easy if you have the tool to do that.

This is a desk, end table, coffee table combo. All the pieces are priced seperate.
-Desk $100
-Coffee table $75
-Side table with drawer $45
Click the link to peep the coffee table.

20.00 Reno
Boxy dude comes at a good price!

175.00 El Dorado Hills
I love you tension pole lamps! I really do.

100.00 Arden Fair Mall
Not a bad price for this piece that is located close by us midtown folk.

75.00 Paradise
This picture is intense!

1500.00 Woodland
Super spendy desk and bookcase is sure neat looking.

150.00 Sacramento
I know. What the shnip is this? It’s a hella old heater. Seller states that the company still makes the parts to get this guy up and running. I dunno. Might wanna research that yourself fo’ you go pick that dude up. If you did get it working though. Man. You’d be pretty legit in my book. This thing is bad dudes. Bad like real good classy.

90.00 Rosevile
Ah snap this guy is shiny.

100.00 Granite Bay
I love me some animal decor.

175.00 Rocklin
I titled my post 70’s glam because I was gonna be including these wicker tables in my post.
I know some of you are not fans. That’s ok. We all got are preferences. If you’re into that Boho, earthy, midcentury deal though…this one is for you.

20.00 Paradise
I think the price on these dudes has dropped. Two for twenty. Not bad!

200.00 Oroville
I really do love these tables. I think I’ve said that like a million times on this blog. Just in case you forgot…I love them.

25.00 Sacramento
Cheap lil’ flannel sofa with a tear at the base. I’ve flirted with the idea of owning a sofa like this. I kinda been fearful of it cuz my husband always wears flannels. One day he’s finna be sitting on that couch and he’s gonna go chameleon on me and I will loose him! He’ll be outta sight and nowhere to be found. No thanks flannel couch! I need my husband. If this isn’t an issue for you then I say go for this cheap lil’ bean!! He’s cheap!

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