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A quick one real quick

19 Apr

100.00 Sacramento
Long table is long!

50.00 Benicia
For three!

75.00 Sacramento
Could be neat


140.00 Vacaville
Kidney shape!

Working for the weekend

19 Apr

10.00 in Roseville
Awe snap! Brass and wood! Yes prease!

200.00 in Berkley
Man. If I was in the Bay area I’d be on this leather sofa like white on rice.

10.00 Sacramento
Needs some work on the leather.
110.00 in Antelope
Ooooo darkness!

50.00 in Chico
Boxy green goodness.

275.00 Sacramento
For the whole thing!!!?!!! Yes please!

50.00 Grass Valley
Those little hot pink accents are kinda growing on me.

60.00 in Hathway Pines
I love you burl table!

200.00 in Oroville
Sunny yellow kitchen table and chairs. Pretty neat.

650.00 Stockton
This thing is BOSS.

475.00 Stockton
Looks like this is from the same seller. I lubb the floating top!

50.00 in River Pines
I am trying to decide whether or not I really like this thing or really hate it. I am leaning towards this guy having potential.

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