Dresser sets for Kristin!

24 Apr

Got a message from Kristin asking if we had come across any dresser sets, well, here is what she was looking for exactly,

I’m looking for a dresser set, midcentury either refinished or possibly painted with a gloss finish in some fun color (I’m not picky). I found a set on Etsy that I love but the shop owner quoted me $500 for shipping which is ridiculous.

I’ve gathered posts from Sacramento down to San Jose (Kristin lives in SF, so she can easily get to both!) so for her, and your, viewing pleasure here are my finds. There’s more than enough to go around.

$300.00 Heywood Wakefield set in Santa Clara

Pair of hand-made vintage dressers for $400.00 in SF

Heywood Wakefield set for $200.00 in San Jose

Set in Santa Cruz for $299.00

$480.00 in San Jose for all these fabulous things!

three piece set in Soquel (?) for $380.00

$100 for both amazing looking pieces in San Jose

Unfortunately this guy is missing two nobs, but a great price at $100!

Painted white dresser for $400 in Santa Rosa

$425.00 in West Sac. I love these hidden drawer highboys.

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