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26 Apr

59.00 in Rocklin
This guy posts on Craigslist all the time. Some of the stuff is a lil rough and dude is always using this meme looking format. I dunno even know. These prints look pretty cool though. Give em’ a once over if you think you’re finna buy them.

50.00 Rocklin
Seller is playing a record right now and it works great!

40.00 Sacramento
Man, treal talk. I am into the luggage noise. I mean I dont want a ton of that nonsense…but if you had them used as under the bed storage…or maybe stored your throw blankets in there. MMMHM.

125.00 Sacramento
I been adding burl wood tables in each one of my posts! How insane. I need to stop but I cant. I just love them so much.

185.00 Sacramento
This guy is still available.

95.00 Arden
This chair is pretty cool ANNNNNNNND it swivels.

50.00 Sacramento
This thing is kinda torn up…actaully it is torn up. The most obvious tear is the gash on one of the cushions…maybe you could just get that one reupholstered? Maybe for the price it’s being sold it would be worth it?  I dunno. I cant make any good decisions. I just look for stuff.

59.00 in Rancho Cardova
I got one of these chairs. Mine is orange. It’s a really great chair to use for standing on and nearly cracking your head open.

80.00 Sacramento
Ohhhhhhhhh hi!

20.00 in Rocklin
Lil bean! Hide all your snacks in here!

100.00 Sacramento
Yeah. We are getting to the late 70’s mess. My husband is totally not into it. I am forever a lone and I totally dig this cokey dreams set. I love how fabulous this guy is suppose to be. Brass legs, smoked glass, velvet seats! MMMMMMMHM. This set is such a 70’s avaitor wearing, perm getting doosh bag.

60.00 Sacrmento
Prolly Ikea, but whatevs. If you dont want the chairs ask him if he’ll part that stuff out.

35.00 Arden
Hair pin legs!!!

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