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For Sittin’ (and other niceties)

31 May

Sofas high and low!

3450.00 San Francisco
Really high! Man though. It sure is wonderful looking.

100.00 Reno
I just spent the last twenty minutes trying to figure out how I can own this. There is no way I can be two places at one. Poop. I love this guy. If you end up picking it up….please send photos!

100.00 San Mateo
Cute little guy!

100.00 Nopa
This guy looks burnt. The frame though is what is up. I bet with a little love this guy could be the most wonderful lookin piece!

150.00 Fernley
Also comes with a end table.

300.00 Napa
…. It prolly could be really awesome though.

100.00 Moraga
Pair of identical sofas for that price!

225.00 Reno

200.00 Richmond
Nice green sofa is so very green and pleasant.

300.00 Oakland North
Stay tuned for more velvety sitting stuffs!!!

Wednesday washout

30 May

Amoeba chairs! $150.00 each, there are two for sale here in Sac.

Table has reduced to $65.00

$20.00 drink cart in Placerville

$100.00 lil hutch in Davis

$275.00 in Colfax – looks good n’ sturdy!

want this to go in my future Airstream traile! $28.00 in Folsom

Not vintage but a modern design for $30.00 a stool

$150.00 – apparently in real ROUGH condition on the veneer top, unfortunately

Pretty cute design, just needs the legs changed out! $120.00

a BOAT-LOAD of Wakefield for the 50’s fans. $1750.00 takes it!

$400.00 for this big teak hutch!

I LOVE ROUND STUMP. $60.00 for three pieces

And for the avid weirdo collectors out there, (I know I’m one,) A SCRABBLE.. TABLE. $225.00 in Fair Oaks!

A dud

30 May

No time to talk! Here is some stuff.

200.00 Sacramento

150.00 Sacramento with matching full headboard

50.00 in Rocklin

50.00 Chico

FREE Folsom

100.00 Oakland

250.00 Santa Cruz

150.00 Sacramento

150.00 Fair Oaks

500.00 Placerville

Two for 500.00 Tracy

60.00 Carmicheal

350.00 Chico

250.00 Roseville

150.00 Sacramento

325.00 Folsom (Includes highboy, long dresser, two night stands)

75.00 Sacramento

Make an offer in Sf

Friday friday friday

25 May

700.00 San Franny fo’ ur granny
You like how I made that sweet rap line about your city San Francisco people? Yeah, yeah…you can have that one for free.

300.00 Magalia
I think this is actually a pretty decent price. Come with all these bootiful stuff:

20.00 Durham
Husband: “Do you like that? That looks like it’s aching to be placed in a home that smells of cigarette smoke.”
Me: “Yeah. I like dat. I like dat real good.”

25.00 Red Bluff
EGAH GHOST FURNITURE. That’s what I am finna start calling shabby chic paint jobs. When a piece of furniture dies it gets painted white and doesnt go to heaven. It get’s left in purgatory and haunts us of his yester years of beauty.

125.00 Paradise
Ah. Them knobs!

50.00 Sacramento
Not bad!

10.00 Sacramento
I do enjoy when things are under twenty dollars.

25.00 Elk Grove
I love this thing. I love how sputniky it looks!

485.00 Alameda
Weird chrome version of the bentwood rocker is pretty interesting.

Early morning.

24 May

500.00 San Anselmo
This price also appears to include a kitchen table…maybe the price would come down if you only wanted the rug?

65.00 Midtown
I love how this end table is hanging on a roof and perched ontop of some odd shape like a little adventurer!

40.00 Stockton
These chairs are mixed with my most favorite things. Brass and native patterns!

25.00 Berkeley
So cute!

175.00 San Jose

75.00 Santa Rosa
Cheap hutch!

550.00 Noe Valley
So shiny

150.00 Sacramento
Four of these guys for one fifty

160.00 Novato
Two O’ deez boxy dressers.

90.00 Moraga
OH MY GOSH! OH MY GOSH. Butterfly chairs have been on my buy list for almost a whole year now. I am heading up to the bay area this weekend, mayhaps my husband will be kind to me and let me purchase one o’ these guys.

680.00 San Jose
Oh my gosh this thing is bootiful.

On the look out

23 May

My husband and I moved into a bigger place, so I am totally on the prowl. Since I am super busy moving, and visiting family this weekend, I am not going to purchase any of it. My loss is your gain.

135.00 Redding
Mhmmm. This wood has amazing detail!

100.00 Rocklin
This green is pretty neat looking. The chair also comes with a neat ottoman.

150.00 Chico
Seller has two of these desk. Both have these amazing brass drawer handles.

60.00 Sacramento
Someone out there in the world of furniture hoarding can make this guy reach his full potential of awesome.

150.00 Chico
Another nice dude with cool brass details.

250.00 Grass Valley
Also comes with a twin headboard.

50.00 Chico
Seller is also selling that amazing sewing cabinet.

140.00 Shasta Lake City
One day I will own a cedar chest.

150.00 Oroville
Man. I was gonna swoop on this. I really need both of these guys…but I am busy so ya know…here it is for you my mimomito friends.

20.00 Paradise
Might be cool. Might not be. Also that dust! Wheeeew.

50.00 Taylorsville
In Taylorsville it is still fall.

45.00 Elk Creek.
I really love these old bed frames.

300.00 Magalia
Queen bedroom set. Comes with a dresser, nightstands, and a headboard.

150.00 Cal Park
Red sofa is red.

200.00 Redding
Oh dear! That wood looks amazing.

60.00 Lincoln
The drawers pull out on this bad guy and reveal an amazing record unit.

Sunday, cruddy Sunday!

20 May

Three chrome/glass nesting tables for only $75.00 in Citrus Heights!

Two bolt-in bar stools for $200.00

cross-hatch formica table, $200 here in Sacramento

This is the cheapest mid century fireplace I’ve seen – $350.00!

I love that this is being sold on Craigslist. For $1200.

$120.00 Lane coffee table

Vintage outdoor chairs for $75.00 in Land Park

Eames repro chair, $550.00 in Lincoln

$30.00 radical badical stool!

A nicer swoop design of formica sets – $115.00

Vintage stereo console with turntable – make offer, located in Campus Commons

$40.00 bird wall art – hi-larious looking.

Deco wall shelf (I love these) $30.00

Lane Travertine table for $200.00 in Elk Grove.

$200.00 for a set of four cantilever steel chairs in Elk Grove.

$350.00 Rosewood table with two extension leaves, in Midtown

$600.00 Eames repro chair in Elk Grove

$1250? Ouch.

$150.00 for these great bartsools in Carmichael

$125.00 lamp in Midtown

$300.00 Heywood Wakefield dresser.

WOOLY MAMMOTH! $1000! What? It’s an Adrian Pearsall lounge? ..Are you sure?

$60.00 End table

And another! For $60.00

$40.00 hutch

$100.00 L shaped Macy’s couch. Maybe a placeholder for something more mid century in the future?

Holy christ – $500.00 extension table in Midtown.

This thing .. is just flat out stupid. But it’s so stupid it’s charming. $45.00 in Rocklin.

$125.00 teak table in East Sacramento

$100.00 table set with 5 chairs in Folsom

All dried up

17 May

50.00 Sacramento

Cool looking drafting table for 40.00 in Oakland

60.00 Natomas

75.00 Walnut Creek
It’s got a black base!

250.00 San Francisco
Man this color is amazing!

125.00 Sacramento
Man. These guy looks like he has for sure been through it. He has seen some things, been places, and is in need of a fresh refinishing pick me up! Once this bean gets his face lift he’ll be a real keeper though!

175.00 Lake Camache
Seller states that these chairs are from the 40’s?!?! Isn’t that amazing! It totally seems like something from the late 60’s, early 70’s.

300.00 in Moraga
These colors!

35.00 Stockton
I dunno about them chairs. Nah uh. They look too funky. Maybe it’s the way the picture was taken I dunno, but that table is pretty cool and maybe you can ask the seller to part out the set?

50.00 Sparks
This could be cool right? I mean I wouldn’t drive out to no Sparks to go get it…but it def gives me some idurs.

85.00 Marina
Dis rug is nice and comes at a decent price.

5.00 a stalk in Sacramento
I’ve been looking into purchasing huge plants for our new apartment. Huge plants are huge prices though! So I looked to my friend Craigslist and tried to find something reasonable…most people will give you plants if you go dig it up. Which doesn’t sound all that great but will save you a crap ton of money and I love saving money!

100.00 San Franciso
I love everything about this craigslist post. I love  the chairs, and I absolutely adore that dog! I want to buy these right now right now!

Benjamin Della Rosa Design and Illustration

16 May

Ben Della Rosa is definitely one of my favorite local graphic designers, and happens to be our dear Rose’s husband. You can spot his work all around the modern community in Sacramento: Eichlerific blog, Scout Living, Blockhouse Modern and even right here on Mimomito. He does screen printing at Interval Press, too!

Here are some of my favorite examples of work:

I’m so excited that I was able to do this interview with him. He is so talented and if you’re looking for someone to do exceptional graphic design work for you, hit him up!

What brought you into the world of design?

My High school art teacher; to be honest. Art and creativity played a major roll in my life since I was a kid and I always knew I wanted to do something that involved those, I just wasn’t sure in what capacity. My art teacher really helped me narrow down what I wanted to focus on and suggested I look into perusing an education in Graphic Design.

What do you like about vintage design?

I love the forms and colors in MCM illustration. A lot of the illustrators from that era they all just kind of broke the rules. Everything is really streamlined and simplified, that was the biggest draw for me.

When did mid century design begin influencing your personal style?

When I really started focusing on working with silkscreen in 2008 I naturally gravitated towards it. My love for MCM was always there but the specific limitations in the printing process served as an outlet for me.

What MCM era designers can you always count on to bring you inspiration?

I’m a big fan of Charley Harper, Aurelius Battaglia, Jim Flora.

Are there any modern designers that also inspire you?

Genndy Tartakovsky, Sanjay Patel, Hoefler & Frere-Jones, Billy Baumann

Why do you choose to screen print instead of something easier?

I certainly have a have a love hate relationship with silkscreening, but I don’t think there was ever a choice for me. I do it because I like to create with my hands, it’s nice to get into the studio and talk with my colleagues and get messy after sitting in my office at my computer all day. I like to be able hold things in my hands, feeling the texture of ink on paper and the uniqueness of every print these are all things that are lost to digital mediums or a digital print. I would said that’s the main reason why I print, the trend that design is moving in these days is web, and the thought of not being able to work with my hands makes me sad.

What other mediums would you like to work in?

I would love and hope to someday soon be able to work with a letter press. I’d also like to work with motion graphics.

What are some of the favorite pieces you’ve done?

Man that’s like being asked to pick your favorite child. Although here are a several posters and identities that I feel pushed me as a designer: Garrett Pierce, Evan Bailey, Let Freedom Bling, CRA Holiday Card Animation, Indigan, Davepops, and Scout Living.

Are you currently accepting new clients?

I’m always excited to work with new clients, especially those who want to create something fun and memorable.

A boooootiful day

16 May

FREE.99 Sacramento
Needs to be reupholstered but man oh man if you did that you’d have yourself a real beauty.

5 Thonet styled chairs for 75.00 in Soma
I lubb them.

300.00 in Wilton
Really rad unit! It has a desk!

40.00 Granite Bay

150.00 Sacramento
It’s frilly, goldy, and shiny.

40.00 Richmond

Neat looking wooden boxes for storage at 10.00 a piece Sacramento

1800.00 Sacramento
These are just wonderful. They are from a funeral parlor here in Sac. These three chandeliers also come with the sconces.

495.00 Anselmo.
Them drawers!

180.00 Sf
Long couch for cheap cheap price.

45.00 Sacramento

180.00 Sacramento
It’s just so cheap and looks like it is in decent condition. Ok. That is all.

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