And another one

2 May

75.00 Sacramento
Here is this 70’s looking table. Yeahp.

20.00 Folsom
Seller states that there are a lot of gold frames under 20!

125.00 Sacramento
Herro bootiful rolly top desk.

50.00 Sacramento
Them brassy legs!

100.00 In Elk Grove
Good looking and a decent size. Seller states it’s 58″ X 22″.

35.00 in Placerville
DONT TRIP! It’s plaster!

75.00 Sacramento
There is three of them. Look at that metal tulip base. These guys are cool. Real cool.

375.00 Sacramento
For a whole bed set:
-King-size Bed with Wooden Headboard
-Dresser with 12 drawers and mirror (70″W x 19″D x 32″H)
-2 Night Stands
-Mattress, bedspread, shams, decorator pillows and matching drapes included
That headboard is a pretty neat looking guy.

75.00 Sacramento Ca

40.00 in Orangeville
Take off those dumpy legs and put something real nice on that slab!

40.00 in Lincoln
Six drawers of heavy duty steel storage. These are total pains to move so buy your friends some lunch if they come and help you.

100.00 in Citrus Heights
Not midcentury but maybe something totally convenient for those of you who have a green thumb and love you some greenery.

175.00 Sacramento
This thing looks bootiful.

550.00 Elk Grove
I am sorry. I am breaking all kindsa rules today. I just love the color of this guy, and how small it is, and how old timey it feels. That is all.

2 Responses to “And another one”

  1. Serene Lusano May 2, 2012 at 7:28 pm #

    oh no we’re losing you to the victorian era!!

  2. Rose May 3, 2012 at 9:34 am #

    ha. Just that sofa!!!

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