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All dried up

17 May

50.00 Sacramento

Cool looking drafting table for 40.00 in Oakland

60.00 Natomas

75.00 Walnut Creek
It’s got a black base!

250.00 San Francisco
Man this color is amazing!

125.00 Sacramento
Man. These guy looks like he has for sure been through it. He has seen some things, been places, and is in need of a fresh refinishing pick me up! Once this bean gets his face lift he’ll be a real keeper though!

175.00 Lake Camache
Seller states that these chairs are from the 40’s?!?! Isn’t that amazing! It totally seems like something from the late 60’s, early 70’s.

300.00 in Moraga
These colors!

35.00 Stockton
I dunno about them chairs. Nah uh. They look too funky. Maybe it’s the way the picture was taken I dunno, but that table is pretty cool and maybe you can ask the seller to part out the set?

50.00 Sparks
This could be cool right? I mean I wouldn’t drive out to no Sparks to go get it…but it def gives me some idurs.

85.00 Marina
Dis rug is nice and comes at a decent price.

5.00 a stalk in Sacramento
I’ve been looking into purchasing huge plants for our new apartment. Huge plants are huge prices though! So I looked to my friend Craigslist and tried to find something reasonable…most people will give you plants if you go dig it up. Which doesn’t sound all that great but will save you a crap ton of money and I love saving money!

100.00 San Franciso
I love everything about this craigslist post. I love  the chairs, and I absolutely adore that dog! I want to buy these right now right now!

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