On the look out

23 May

My husband and I moved into a bigger place, so I am totally on the prowl. Since I am super busy moving, and visiting family this weekend, I am not going to purchase any of it. My loss is your gain.

135.00 Redding
Mhmmm. This wood has amazing detail!

100.00 Rocklin
This green is pretty neat looking. The chair also comes with a neat ottoman.

150.00 Chico
Seller has two of these desk. Both have these amazing brass drawer handles.

60.00 Sacramento
Someone out there in the world of furniture hoarding can make this guy reach his full potential of awesome.

150.00 Chico
Another nice dude with cool brass details.

250.00 Grass Valley
Also comes with a twin headboard.

50.00 Chico
Seller is also selling that amazing sewing cabinet.

140.00 Shasta Lake City
One day I will own a cedar chest.

150.00 Oroville
Man. I was gonna swoop on this. I really need both of these guys…but I am busy so ya know…here it is for you my mimomito friends.

20.00 Paradise
Might be cool. Might not be. Also that dust! Wheeeew.

50.00 Taylorsville
In Taylorsville it is still fall.

45.00 Elk Creek.
I really love these old bed frames.

300.00 Magalia
Queen bedroom set. Comes with a dresser, nightstands, and a headboard.

150.00 Cal Park
Red sofa is red.

200.00 Redding
Oh dear! That wood looks amazing.

60.00 Lincoln
The drawers pull out on this bad guy and reveal an amazing record unit.

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