Early morning.

24 May

500.00 San Anselmo
This price also appears to include a kitchen table…maybe the price would come down if you only wanted the rug?

65.00 Midtown
I love how this end table is hanging on a roof and perched ontop of some odd shape like a little adventurer!

40.00 Stockton
These chairs are mixed with my most favorite things. Brass and native patterns!

25.00 Berkeley
So cute!

175.00 San Jose

75.00 Santa Rosa
Cheap hutch!

550.00 Noe Valley
So shiny

150.00 Sacramento
Four of these guys for one fifty

160.00 Novato
Two O’ deez boxy dressers.

90.00 Moraga
OH MY GOSH! OH MY GOSH. Butterfly chairs have been on my buy list for almost a whole year now. I am heading up to the bay area this weekend, mayhaps my husband will be kind to me and let me purchase one o’ these guys.

680.00 San Jose
Oh my gosh this thing is bootiful.

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