Wednesday washout

30 May

Amoeba chairs! $150.00 each, there are two for sale here in Sac.

Table has reduced to $65.00

$20.00 drink cart in Placerville

$100.00 lil hutch in Davis

$275.00 in Colfax – looks good n’ sturdy!

want this to go in my future Airstream traile! $28.00 in Folsom

Not vintage but a modern design for $30.00 a stool

$150.00 – apparently in real ROUGH condition on the veneer top, unfortunately

Pretty cute design, just needs the legs changed out! $120.00

a BOAT-LOAD of Wakefield for the 50’s fans. $1750.00 takes it!

$400.00 for this big teak hutch!

I LOVE ROUND STUMP. $60.00 for three pieces

And for the avid weirdo collectors out there, (I know I’m one,) A SCRABBLE.. TABLE. $225.00 in Fair Oaks!

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