For Sittin’ (and other niceties)

31 May

Sofas high and low!

3450.00 San Francisco
Really high! Man though. It sure is wonderful looking.

100.00 Reno
I just spent the last twenty minutes trying to figure out how I can own this. There is no way I can be two places at one. Poop. I love this guy. If you end up picking it up….please send photos!

100.00 San Mateo
Cute little guy!

100.00 Nopa
This guy looks burnt. The frame though is what is up. I bet with a little love this guy could be the most wonderful lookin piece!

150.00 Fernley
Also comes with a end table.

300.00 Napa
…. It prolly could be really awesome though.

100.00 Moraga
Pair of identical sofas for that price!

225.00 Reno

200.00 Richmond
Nice green sofa is so very green and pleasant.

300.00 Oakland North
Stay tuned for more velvety sitting stuffs!!!

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