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Short and sweet

14 May

225.00 in Sacramento
So space agey.

120.00 San Francisco
Oh dang. It’s getting hot. Time to start looking for outside furniture.

100.00 Oakland
Lil’ table.

100.00 Santa Cruz
Looks like it needs a lil refinishing.

65.00 Tracy
For the pair? Cool, I’ll take that!

75.00 in San Jose
A reporduction in a dark brown.

125.00 Palo Alto

450.00 Sanora

Alameda Point Antiques Faire this Sunday!

5 May

This is a fantastic, beautiful weekend to get down or out to the Alameda Faire and eat some Belgian waffles from the gourmet trucks and ogle some antiquities. Among the other regulars, some of the friends of Mimomito will also be there!! If you haven’t gone before, you really should check it out. It’s quite an experience to be on a man-made strip of land; above you only sky, on the ground — antiques as far as the eye can see.

Julian of Mid Century Mobler will be in space Y19 this Sunday – remember we showed you guys the inside of his San Francisco Danish Modern deluxe pad? If you haven’t seen it check out Julian’s Home Tour here. Be sure to also add Mid Century Mobler on facebook to get a peak their latest inventory.

Alameda Point Antiques Faire
2900 Navy Way (at Main Street)
Alameda, CA 94501

6:00 AM to 7:30 am $15.00
7:30 am to 9:00 am $10.00
9:00 am to 2:00 pm $ 5.00
2:00 pm to 3:00 pm Free!

Don’t forget your sunblock and rolling carts! <3

Reno is full of LULZ

4 May

40.00 Reno
Big goldy mirror.

10.00 Elk Grove
Light up globe.
30.00 Sacramento
I do enjoy these tables. In all their cheapy, cokey, 70’s glory.

60.00 Roseville
Teak and from copenhagen.

75.00 Reno
What is this? It’s like a 70’s glam version of that bentwood rocker chair?! I dont know whether or not I love it or really dislike it.

420.00 Reno


4 May

10.00 Roseville
This is a pretty cool thing right? Yeah it is.

50.00 Mission District
Make a rocking chair!

Make an offer Reno
I never know how to handle make me an offer deals. I just dont know what to do with all that freedom.

100.00 San Francisco
AH pill shaped looking lamp.

30.00 Rocklin
Big and old hunky desk.

75.00 Lodi
Seller is also including two end tables in this price.

450.00 Loomis

30.00 Grass Valley
Cheap lil’ cube glass tables.

60.00 Roseville
Looks like one of them midcentury Lane cedar chest.

75.00 Citrus heights
Just in case the one above isn’t one here is one for sale!

60.00 Santa Cruz
Little desk is a little price.

125.00 Sacramento
Seller states this guy is in good condition.

80.00 Auburn
I love these chairs.

40.00 Sacramento
Glass bowl for your sink! This is for all you orange lovers.

200.00 Sparks Nv
MHM. Check out that fancy mirror on that dresser. YE.

Lucite, Brass, Teak, and wonderful

3 May

400.00 Oak dale

250.00 San Anselmo
Space agey chairs.
45.00 Cotati
Zenith Circle of sound speakers!!!! omg.

110.00 Alameda
Seller states that it is an actual Burk table BUT does have some little imperfections.

350.00 Paradise

1850.00 Oakland
I know! An insane price. I post this cuz it reminds me of this one time I almost scored one of these sets for a super good steal. At thee last minute the seller backed out because her sister wanted that set. I mean I had to understand…and it also warmed my heart a little BUT DARN! DARN DARN DARN.

475.00 Alameda

Tuesday Boozeday

2 May

This is from searching one of my favorite terms, “SOLID WOOD.” Ha!

$250.00 adorable medical cabinet. Check out the inside paper :U

Not happy about the price, but I LOVE GIANT WOOD CONFERENCE TABLES!! $950.00 it can be yours. And those sweet naugahyde chairs. Oh boy.

100 bones in Elk Grove!

Wait – Sculptra for $75!?

DO WANT. Teak umbrella stand, oh yum. $40.00!

And another one

2 May

75.00 Sacramento
Here is this 70’s looking table. Yeahp.

20.00 Folsom
Seller states that there are a lot of gold frames under 20!

125.00 Sacramento
Herro bootiful rolly top desk.

50.00 Sacramento
Them brassy legs!

100.00 In Elk Grove
Good looking and a decent size. Seller states it’s 58″ X 22″.

35.00 in Placerville
DONT TRIP! It’s plaster!

75.00 Sacramento
There is three of them. Look at that metal tulip base. These guys are cool. Real cool.

375.00 Sacramento
For a whole bed set:
-King-size Bed with Wooden Headboard
-Dresser with 12 drawers and mirror (70″W x 19″D x 32″H)
-2 Night Stands
-Mattress, bedspread, shams, decorator pillows and matching drapes included
That headboard is a pretty neat looking guy.

75.00 Sacramento Ca

40.00 in Orangeville
Take off those dumpy legs and put something real nice on that slab!

40.00 in Lincoln
Six drawers of heavy duty steel storage. These are total pains to move so buy your friends some lunch if they come and help you.

100.00 in Citrus Heights
Not midcentury but maybe something totally convenient for those of you who have a green thumb and love you some greenery.

175.00 Sacramento
This thing looks bootiful.

550.00 Elk Grove
I am sorry. I am breaking all kindsa rules today. I just love the color of this guy, and how small it is, and how old timey it feels. That is all.

Roush House: Buy your tickets, already!

2 May


Please join Sacramento Modern (SacMod) for a celebration of the Roush Residence in the Arden Oaks neighborhood of Sacramento on June 2, 2012. Reserved arrival times will be between 1pm and 5pm. Tickets will be available via Brown Paper Tickets.

– Tickets will be sold beginning April 23, 2012 for SacMod Associate Members at $30 each (members must use the correct password). To become a SacMod member, please visit SacMod’s blog and use the “2012 SacMod Annual Associate Membership” link in the upper left hand margin.
– General sales will begin May 7, 2012 at $45 each.
– There will be no tickets sold at the door. Last day for tickets sales is May 31, 2012.

Appetizers and beverages will be served and a commemorative booklet will be given to attendees. Vintage photographs and information about the home will be displayed. Local architects and design professionals will be present to discuss questions about the home. For vintage car enthusiasts, a recently restored 1956 Nash Ambassador Custom with tritone paint will be parked in the carport.

The Roush Residence was designed by Terry Waters, a Taliesin Fellow and colleague of John Lautner. Waters’ work was published in acclaimed design magazines such as Arts + Architecture and Domus. True modernists will be delighted in seeing this ultra-modern and unusual circa 1954 home.

A portion of the proceeds from this event will benefit the development of the upcoming exhibit “Ray Eames: A Century of Modern Design,” at The California Museum tentatively scheduled to open later this year. Ray Eames was born and raised in Sacramento; she and her husband, Charles, were among the most important 20th century modernists.

To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all, please arrive for your reserved shift on time, park in the designated areas (a specific map with detailed information will be emailed before the event) and wear flat-heeled shoes. For the homeowner’s privacy, the event address will be provided after ticket purchase.

Here we are once again

2 May

90.00 Sacramento
Weird little storage doo dad from Lane, seems like it be good for small apartment living.

48.00 Sacramento
Them chairs!

200.00 Sacramento
I really love the pattern on this table! It looks kinda like the Ray Eames dots!

50.00 Sacramento
When I saw this I thought someone had captured gumby. That’s what this looks like to me, dead gumby and Red Ralph his cousin, shot dead for reasons unknown.

55.00 Sacramento
Yes please! This guy is classy.

85.00 Sacramento

100.00 Folsom
Thats not bad for this whole set!

50.00 Sacramento
OLLY BALLS I WANT THIS TABLE! :[ I love this guy. Square, glass, brass! AMAZING.
Now watch me do what I am bout to do right now…

Best Offer Sacramento
YEAH. I just did that. I really did just put a wicker chair up in this post right now.
I dont even care though. Best offer means say 5 bucks, then set this chair up in a lonely corner, and surround the chair with hanging ferns. Then after your terrible shift on monday you sit in that chair and boss people around like and egyptian princess. DO DAT. I AM.

35.00 Roseville

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